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Call Of Duty: Warzone Has A Sniper Scope Problem

According to Call of Duty YouTuber JGOD, Warzone players can get an unfair advantage by using long-range weapons from the series' latest installment, Call of Duty: Black Ops – Cold War.

In a Dec. 30 video, JGOD showed that many of the Black Ops – Cold War weapons that use scopes don't produce any glint, even on sniper rifles at 20x magnification. Warzone previously only used weapons from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, the first game in the series that was added to Warzone and the standard for Warzone's gameplay. Modern Warfare weapons that use 4x scopes and above show a flash of glint. Ordinarily, the glint helps players spot snipers by producing a flash of light from a weapon's long-range scope that appears when a player aims.


After going through each of the new Black Ops – Cold War weapons one by one, JGOD said he was surprised to find which weapons produce glint and which ones do not. Based on the video, most of the Black Ops – Cold War weapons with 2-4x magnification did not have any glint, including those with thermal vision. The lone exception to this rule is reportedly the SUSAT Multizoom, with a variant 2-4x scope, which did produce glint. The rest of the weapons, ranging all the way up to 2-20x scopes, did not produce any glint.

"This is going to change a whole lot of the meta," JGOD said. "Probably not an insane amount, but imagine sitting on a hill with a 20x. You've got the maximum bullet velocity Tundra that matches the HDR hitting somebody from 1,000 meters just because you can, and they have no clue where you're at because there is literally no glint."


In contrast, some of JGOD's Twitter followers have reported an issue with weapons producing glint even using iron sights in Cold War itself. All told, Cold War brought 30 new weapons to Warzone's battle royale. The new weapons were added on Dec. 16, kicking off Season 1 of Black Ops – Cold War, so a mid-season update is most likely a month away. When (or if) developers might fix this is anyone's guess.

"This is incredibly broken. This is not the way it should work." JGOD stated. "Like a lot of the Cold War stuff, it's just broken until they fix it, which may or may not happen in real time."