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This Is Why Fortnite Is Being Blamed For Divorces

The concept of video game addiction has been a constant topic of discussion ever since the hobby exploded into mainstream relevance.

Online multiplayer games can play a huge part in appealing to the addictive personalities of some gamers. And one of the games that's seemed to drive some to play way more obsessively than others is Fortnite. The insanely popular battle royale game has taken the world by storm and been played by millions of gamers for a crazy amount of combined hours.


A standout game like Fortnite has certainly been tied to some controversial moments. And one of those instances is attached to the game's addictive qualities leading to the dissolution of happy marriages. And according to UK legal resource site Divorce Online, that troubling trend is a lot more severe than you might think. 

It's pretty crazy to think that a game that's all about building has been linked to multiple marriages coming apart at the seams.

Fortnite has apparently led to the destruction of 200 marriages

Divorce Online noted that it has received 200 divorce petitions related to Fortnite since January 1, 2018.

The site noted that it had done "some data mining after seeing an increase in enquiries where Fortnite has been mentioned as part of the reason someone wanted to apply for divorce." The Fortnite frenzy is apparently breaking up happy homes at a rapid pace, with some people becoming more invested in the game than in maintaining their relationships.


Petitions have popped up with the sole purpose of ending Fortnite as a whole. One petition in particular has notched over 2,000 signatures. Its call to arms starts out with the following proclamation: "Our crushes, significant others, and/or siblings have been corrupted by this game. It is the cause of the ending of relationships, friendships, even the cause of losing YOURSELF!"

Fortnite is hands down one of the most addictive video games in recent memory, and brings a lot of joy to many players — who would have thought it would also be linked to a good amount of heartache?