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The Scrooge McDuck Ending You Probably Didn't Know About

Is there anything catchier than that memorable DuckTales theme?

Not long ago, this popular cartoon from the '80s received a reboot, bringing duck mania back to satisfy that nostalgic itch. Of course, if you grew up watching DuckTales, chances are you also grew up playing the Nintendo Entertainment System. While video games based on TV shows are usually disappointing, Capcom knew how to make Disney games that didn't suck. DuckTales is one of those titles, and it's a must-have for any NES collector.


Revisiting the adaptation today, you may find that this seemingly innocent game is a bit messed up. The premise is that Scrooge McDuck, who is already obscenely wealthy, is on a quest for even more money. The messed up part that nobody talks about is how he's actually stealing cultural treasures, sparing no one who gets in his way. If you are a DuckTales fan who noticed this detail as an adult, there is a secret ending that will satisfy your sense of justice.

How to make Scrooge McDuck's fortune disappear

There's a secret ending in Ducktales for the NES that you probably never knew about. Unlike most situations where you want to avoid the worst outcome, this game makes you work for the bad ending.

First, you must face your last boss with a dollar amount that is a multiple of $3 million. Next, let Scrooge take a beating (consider it punishment for his amoral acts) and then press select. This will activate a secret that restores your health at the cost of 3 million of his not-so-hard-earned dough. You'll want to perform this cheat until he's lost every penny from his pocket (which is why the exact dollar amount is important). After you beat your last boss, you will win the game with $0, giving you a sad Scrooge McDuck and a newspaper headline that reads "Scrooge looses [sic] fortune but finds treasures!" Clearly, someone on the development team thought the game's protagonist needed to learn a hard lesson in some way.


If you're a fan of Ducktales and enjoy Mega Man games, it may be time to break this one out and try to make Scrooge McDuck go bankrupt!