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Why Poison Ivy Was Really Killed Off In Batman: Arkham Knight

Batman's video game high point is, without question, the Arkham series.

Rocksteady took DC Comics' dark crusader and brought his world to life in a truly amazing way. Arkham Asylum, Arkham City, and Arkham Knight gave gamers the chance to participate in Batman's biggest struggles against his rogues gallery. In the case of Arkham Knight, Batman's climatic clash with the game's eponymous villain and his courageous crusade against Scarecrow ended the series on a high note.


But not everything that transpired in Arkham Knight put smiles on everyone's faces. In fact, there was one shocking death near the ending of the game. One of Batman's most iconic villains met her demise after being present for the entirety of the Arkham saga. Fans far and wide witnessed this tragic event unfold as they fought to free Gotham City from the grips of Scarecrow's evil machinations.

But why did Poison Ivy have to meet her end in Arkham Knight?

Poison Ivy's demise in Arkham Knight brought her redemption arc to an end

Scarecrow's master plan (which was teased as an easter egg in Arkham City) came to fruition in Arkham Knight.

His dangerous toxin ended up making its way all across Gotham City and almost spelled the end for the famous DC Comics locale. Several of the city's denizens perished in the process. Even though Ivy was always at odds with Batman in the Arkham series, it became obvious that she wanted to help save the day in this case.


Her devotion to the environment itself and everything that nature needs to prosper pushed her to make the ultimate sacrifice. In order to help eliminate Scarecrow's debilitating toxin from Gotham City, Ivy absorbed a lethal dosage of it into her body, saving millions from the effects of the toxins. As she perished in her longtime foe's arms, Ivy left Batman with a final message: "Nature always wins."

Ivy's death proved that even the worst villains could be redeemed. Her passing also practically gave Batman the extra push he needed to confront the Arkham Knight and attempt to redeem him, as well.