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Why Samus Aran Caused So Much Controversy In Metroid: Other M

The Metroid series has been rather quiet lately. While fans anxiously await Metroid Prime 4, there's plenty of concern that Nintendo won't release the much anticipated fourth installment. Considering the first Metroid Prime managed to come out after nearly being canceled, perhaps there's still hope.


Whether or not a new entry in the Prime series comes to fruition, there is an abundance of excellent games fans can play while they wait. One Metroid game you may want to avoid, however, is Metroid: Other M.

Lead character Samus Aran was so poorly portrayed in Other M that it pretty much ruined an otherwise solid game. Sure, the fierce bounty hunter has done some terrible things in the past, but what exactly was so awful about her appearance in this particular title? Considering Metroid: Other M was her last starring role in an original title, it must have been pretty controversial. This is why Samus Aran caused so much controversy in Metroid: Other M.

What happened to Samus Aran?

Samus has always been known as a tough, silent protagonist with powerful gear and skills to match. She's such a celebrated character that actress Brie Larson is anxious to play her in a Metroid film (even if some think the game shouldn't be made into a movie). However, Metroid: Other M did the character such a disservice that her portrayal in that game is among the most controversial characters in gaming history.


One of The A.V. Club's readers explained it in such a succinct way that the online publication featured their thoughts in a separate piece. In this user's breakdown, they mentioned various acts that highlighted her boldness, "putting the character against impossible odds, then seeing her saddle up and calmly rock out to save the day."

In Other M, she displayed several moments of weakness that weren't redeemed by her usual courageous feats, according to the writer. Instead, this game's version of Samus took a backseat to a male protagonist, which was seen as a regressive storytelling decision that demeaned a character who is a heroic figure in other games. Not only did Other M ruin her character, but it negatively impacted the series' overarching plot.