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What To Expect From Runescape's 20th Anniversary Grand Party

Happy Birthday RuneScape! On this day 20 years ago, RuneScape was born. The title went on to become one of the largest titles in PC gaming, with an estimated total of 13.71 million players. RuneScape was first released on January 4, 2001, and the MMO made waves around the world and has remained a smash hit to this day.

Two decades on the run, and RuneScape still manages to rope in new players and maintain its popularity. According to Jagex, the game has "been played non-stop for 7,306 consecutive days, welcomed almost 300 million player accounts, and is at peak popularity." In 2020, RuneScape had over 1.2 million members join the total pool of existing players.

RuneScape will be celebrating their 20th year anniversary with "The Grand Party," an anniversary event that will bring players together with some of the game's most well-known and beloved content. Over the next month, players will be receiving a wide array of buffs, as well as a collectable in-game reward (including a fancy 20th Anniversary cape and outfit). Players should also be sure to take advantage of the 10% XP buff while training in the Crater.

RuneScape is also allowing its players to celebrate its game with their new anniversary merch. The merchandise covers a wide range of RuneScape history. RuneScape merchandiser Angels Scapes has created several collectible pins and keyrings. The company is also releasing limited-edition mystic robe pins in dark, light, and blue colorways. RuneScape will also be releasing a copy of its original soundtrack on a special golden vinyl, allowing players to relive their journey through Gielinor.

RuneScape's Premier Club will also be receiving a few benefits. This month, the gifts contain a variety pack, 2 pulse cores, and 1,000 Oddments. For new players, Oddments are a currency obtained from Treasure Hunter, and they can be used in the Oddments Store to obtain older event items. The event will also be featuring some bargain sales. Until January 31, players can receive great deals in Solomon's General Store. The Assassin Pack, Rory the Reindeer, and the Pegasus Teleport will all be available as a part of the deal.

It has been two decades, and RuneScape is still thriving. It wouldn't be much of a surprise if the title continued for another two decades. If you do happen to join in on the festivities, make sure to take a look at the patch notes on the website.