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The Country That Believes Fortnite Is Making Kids More Violent

Ever since Mature-rated games like Mortal Kombat and Night Trap hit the scene, a combination of concerned parents and ardent senators have lamented the presence of overly violent video games.

The constant studies that have come up on the topic have proven that the link between video games and an increase in violent behavior for children is unfounded. Even still, there are still those who point to the latest shooters and fighting games as negative influences on today's younger generation. And it should come as no surprise that one of the most played battle royale games of all time has landed in the crosshairs of those against violent video games.


Fortnite has turned into the go-to game for younger gamers these days, which is quite concerning for many. It turns out that there is one country that has gone above and beyond to prove that the game is making kids a lot more aggressive these days, and judging by their efforts to prove that sentiment, that nation has made it its mission to ban Fortnite among its more youthful population.

Australia isn't too fond of Fortnite and links it to increased levels of violence among children

Australia is on a quest to prove that Fortnite is negatively influencing kids. A columnist by the name of Madonna King spoke on the topic for the Sydney Morning Herald under a post entitled "Parents are losing their sons to Fortnite, the hottest game in the world." King even went as far to say that the game "is the teenage boy's version of the topless selfie" and noted that "one group of year 9 mothers has joined forces to ban all their sons from using it."


An Australian morning show known as Today featured a guest who also tried to prove Fortnite's link to increased youth violence. "They're playing with each other, but killing each other," the guest went on to say. Australian talk shows have taken aim at the game and have tried to condemn its violent nature while still being misinformed about its cartoony aesthetic and lack of blood/gore.

The addictive nature of Fortnite is also a prevalent topic within Australia, one which even pushed a school to ask parents to stop their kids from playing it.