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The Rare Enemy You May Never Have Encountered In Final Fantasy VII

The Final Fantasy franchise is full of weird and iconic monsters, but it also has quite a few rarities. These can take the form of creatures that only appeared in one game, monsters that you almost never encountered, or a combination of the two. Final Fantasy 7 isn't just a non-exception to this rule, it's the poster child.

Final Fantasy 7 ventured into unexplored waters with a unique world that makes yellow ostriches and sentient explosions seem as plausible as talking cat/wolf hybrids and aliens. The developers were given free reign to create quite a few weird and nasty creatures that wouldn't make sense in the standard fantasy setting of Final Fantasy. While Cloud and friends will probably encounter most of Final Fantasy 7's bizarre creations, some are rarer than others, and one Final Fantasy 7 monster in particular beats all the others when it comes to rarity. In fact, this abomination lives in a location with an infamously low encounter rate.

When you combine an area that rarely spawns enemies with a creature that is already rare, you get an enemy that only the most diehard of Final Fantasy fans have fought, let alone know about. So, now's your best chance to learn about it.


Late into your Final Fantasy journey, you will visit Whirlwind Maze, which is part of the North Crater. The maze is home to nasties such as Grenades, Gigases, and Sculptures. Most appear in other locations, so if you don't run into them in the maze, you can always fight them elsewhere (which is helpful, since you can't return to the maze after you leave). Meanwhile, most monsters unique to the maze are either common or spawn in multiple areas throughout the location, but one enemy is the exception to the rule: the Killbin.

Killbins look like giant, multi-colored die, and true to their form, they attack according to how they roll. These creatures can heal wounds, cast fire and ice spells, and slow party members. Killbins can do almost anything (except beat the player, because they aren't that strong).

Unlike other Whirlwind Maze enemies, Killbins only spawn in the Rocky Path area. Odds are against fighting them since they only have a 10/64 encounter rate — and because the Rocky Path is short and sports a low enemy encounter chance. Ironically, Killbins are highly sought after since they transform into Mind Sources when killed with Morph, which means the speed at which you max out your characters' Spirit stats is a literal roll of the dice.