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What Henry Cavill Would Look Like As World Of Warcraft's Arthas

World of Warcraft has long been one of the most popular games in the world, and deservedly so. Set in the fantastical world of Azeroth, the MMORPG has seen a number of expansions to its already expansive lore over the years, giving players old and new alike plenty of reason to stick around. Add in the grand variety of collectibles, board games, books, and everything else the game has spawned, and WoW's success makes perfect sense. Few are safe from the game's addicting clutches — including Henry Cavill, the Hollywood star behind The Witcher's Geralt and the DCEU's Superman


Back in 2016, the thespian humbly admitted that he nearly missed the casting call to play the Big Blue Boy Scout because he was in the midst of exploring a dungeon in WoW. That's some serious commitment, but it's a good thing he called Zack Snyder back when he realized what was going on.

Possibly thinking of Cavill's love of the game, digital artist Mizuri decided it might be cool to do a piece of the actor as one of the Warcraft franchise's most popular characters: Arthas Menethil. Here's what Cavill would look like as Arthas.

Some spoilers for the Warcraft franchise ahead. 

Henry Cavill, the Lich King

Arthas' story is not a happy one. Originally a promising prince of Lordaeron who proves his worth as a skilled fighter and an adept leader, Arthas begins experiencing a downfall when he takes the fight to the undead Scourge forces. He's unable to see how any sort of conventional actions would result in victory, and Arthas' desperation drives him over the edge and away from the man he once was — as well as the man he could've been. He comes to possess Frostmourne, an ancient blade of great power, and it turns him into a tool of the Lich King, leader of the Scourge. Ultimately, Arthas becomes one with the Lich King himself, leaving behind a tragic legacy of despair and destruction that far outlasts his death.


In creating the digital art of Cavill as Arthas, Mizuri had that entire history to grapple with, and it really comes alive in their work. The glowing blue eyes, stoic expression on Cavill's face, and generally frosty aura emanating from the piece all serve to create a feeling of dread — which Arthas' many victims, friend and foe alike, must have experienced on the sharp end of Frostmourne. 

"Having a blast playing through [WoW expansion pack] Shadowlands, so I thought I'd do a mashup between [Henry Cavill's] Witcher with Arthas," Mizuri wrote in the caption of the post, declaring a love for WoW as openly as Cavill himself did.

The one film based on the beloved franchise, Warcraft, doesn't feature Arthas in any capacity, but if a potential sequel explores the fallen prince's story, Cavill may be the man to turn to. Between Mizuri's art and the actor's love for World of Warcraft, what better candidate could there be?