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The Best New Pokemon Coming To Pokemon Go

Pokémon Go has undergone plenty of changes since it was released earlier this year, but one upcoming update just might be the biggest yet. According to a tease and some leaks, Niantic is getting ready to unleash Generation 2 Pokémon, giving players opportunities to catch the monsters found in the original Pokémon Gold & Silver games.

With that in mind, here's a list of what we think are going to be the coolest Gen 2 Pokémon to add to your collection. Of course, it's a given that we'd want the starters and the legendaries, so we'll just leave those out—and just keep in mind that not all of the original 151 have been released for the game as of this writing, so there are probably going to be a lot more Pokémon out there in the future.


And you thought Pikachu was cute? Just imagine how crazy it will be when Pokémon Go players see Pichu. According to the Pokedex, Pichu "charges itself with electricity more easily on days with thunderclouds or when the air is very dry." How cool would it be if the game synced with weather apps and spawned this creature whenever the weather was appropriate?


According to its Pokedex entry, Sudowoodo tries to pass itself off as a tree to avoid detection, but its hands stay green, so you can spot it easily in the winter. We imagine this guy would be cool to have in incredible numbers, just so you can boast you've got a forest full of fighting Pokémon. It would be even cooler if Niantic allowed Sudowoodo to be caught in areas just after it snowed, so its appearance matched up with its Pokedex entry. Also, just look at that smile. Who wouldn't want to fight against something so jovial?


We can just hear the screams of Pokémon fans everywhere as they converge on a spot that's been revealed to be a Togepi nest. The egg-based fairy Pokemon has been a mainstay of the Pokémon world ever since Misty acquired one, and it's been heralded as one of the cutest monsters around. You can bet that adding a Togepi to your collection would make you the envy of all your Pokémon Go buddies, especially if you got one to walk around with you as your companion.

Unown (different forms)

What makes Unown such a cool Pokémon, especially in a game where the aim is to collect as many monsters as you can, is that it comes in many different forms. According to its Pokedex entry, Unown is shaped like ancient writing, making up an alphabet with all of its different forms. We can see ourselves being both very excited and going crazy trying to find every single form of Unown in the wild—then organize them in our collections so they'd form a message. Make it happen, Niantic!


It's not that we have any special reason for wanting Wobbuffet to appear in the game, but remembering how goofy Team Rocket's Wobbuffet was in the Pokémon show makes us smile. There's also the fact that Wobbuffet like to compete with each other and try to see who can endure hunger the longest. We're sure that wouldn't be a problem in Pokémon Go, but it's still funny to think about. And we'd love to see the animation when we toss Pokeballs at it and they just bounce off its face, wobbling back and forth like an inflatable punching dummy.


Teddiursa is a little teddy bear-like Pokémon that can evolve into Ursaring, a large Pokémon that looks like it's able to hold its own in a wrestling ring. Its Pokedex entry states that Teddiursa enjoys licking its palms because they've been soaked in honey. And it makes its own honey by mixing fruits and pollen collected by Beedrills. How appropriate would it be to see this little guy spawn around areas that are rich with Beedrills? We'd give Niantic bonus points if Teddiursas spawned near orchards or grocery stores.


We feel like the move would be for Niantic to spawn Smeargles near art museums or in any areas in cities that feature great works of graffiti art. We can't think of any other places that would be more appropriate for a Pokémon that uses its tail as a paintbrush and likes to mark its territory. Just imagine walking around the art district of a city like Philadelphia or New York and seeing this guy near some killer art installations or tagged-up walls.


There are plenty of bug-type Pokémon out there, but none as cool as the fighting/bug-type known as Heracross. It's able to uproot trees with its mighty horns, so we could expect to see this guy around forested areas or maybe even gyms. As a fighting type, it would cool to see it near dojos, considering it employs some martial arts moves and could even suplex you. This is one proud bug you wouldn't want to mess with, but would make for a great defender of your team's gym.


Here's another fighting-type we'd love to see appear near gyms or even stadiums. Aipom has a tail that it uses like a hand and a smile that gives it a mischievous air. We'd want a whole barrel of these little dudes, mainly because we can't resist that fun-loving smile. We can imagine them near tourist traps, given that monkeys in other parts of the world are known to cause trouble around such areas. Once it evolves into Ambipom and rocks two tails with "hands," we'd be happy to leave it in charge of our gyms.


The main reason we enjoy Girafarig so much is because its name is a palindrome, meaning that it's spelled the same way backwards. But we also enjoy the fact that it's a two-headed Pokémon (according to its 'Dex entry, the rear head houses a small brain). We also can't stop staring at it and trying to find out exactly how this creature's biology works. Whatever the deal is with Girafarig, there's no denying that it'll be interesting to see out in the wild. The only question is whether you'll face the front or the back.