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This Monster Hunter Rise Feature Will Be A Real Game Changer

 A Monster Hunter Rise digital event revealed today that players will be able to ride and control the monsters in the upcoming game. 

On the livestream, developer Capcom said that, once players have met the unlock requirements, they'll be able to use the new Wirebug to bind monsters, then control them with Ironsilk as reins. According to the video, players will even be able to use their captured monsters to attack other creatures in the game, which offers a new dimension of play.


A Reddit user, PracticalBrush12, who leaked the information hours ahead of the official reveal noted, this addition comes in place of mounting, which allowed players to get on top of monsters during combat and deal damage to them from there. The new Wyvern Riding mechanic allows players to actually use the monster's attacks, the leaker said

The video explains, "Wyvern riding is a new system that allows you to control for awhile by dealing enough damage through aerial attacks, or Silkbind attacks using the Wirebug, or by using turf wars or endemic life to your advantage. While controlling wild monsters, you can move around and attack, and you can even slam them into walls, so this is definitely something you'll want to check out."


Riding itself is not a new feature in Monster Hunter games. The Raider Ride ability in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne allowed players to summon monsters and ride them to their destinations. However, the ability to actually use one of the game's creatures in a battle with other ones could definitely add a new dimension to gameplay.

The digital event also showcased a new locale, the Frost Islands, a creepy-looking place that was apparently once a nest for dragons and is now home to many different creatures that can help players during hunts. New monsters include Goss Harag, a fanged beast with the ability to create blades of ice with its breath; flying wyvern Barioth, with sharp teeth and spikes; flying wyvern Khezu, an electric monster with a long and worm-like neck; and Great Baggi, a bird wyvern that uses a liquid to knock prey unconscious. Fanged beast Lagombi glides on the snow using its belly, and flying wyvrn Tigrex has dangerous claws and jaws. 

Other monsters from different locations include Mizutsune, with its movement-hindering bubbles, and the game's flagship monster Magnamalo. It has an armored carapace, a dangerous tail and a hellfire-style gas to attack with. Many of the monsters' details had already been leaked thanks to a cyber-attack on Capcom in November.


New characters in the game include a village elder and longsword warrior named Fugen, Village Quest and Hub Quest maiden twins Hinoa and Minoto, tea shop proprietor Yomogi, Guild Master and quest manager Hojo, lead hunter Master Utsushi, Buddy Handler and animal lover Iori, Felyne Chief Kogarashi of the Meowcenaries, and Rondine the trader.

Monster Hunter Rise will be released on March 26, 2021 for the Nintendo Switch. According to the livestream event, three Amiibo will be released on launch day to be used with the title.