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The Quirky Alien Game On GameCube That's A Must-Play

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a UFO crash-landing right into your GameCube! Thanks to quirky indie throwback Alien Hominid, you don't need to leave the planet to encounter alien life, let alone the comfort of your couch. This 2004 action-adventure title with plenty of shooting and scenic disarray will keep even the most technical players on their toes.


The game's backstory is a testament to its widespread appeal that made it an instant classic. The first iteration of Alien Hominid was actually released as a Flash game, part of an age of gaming that lies behind us. It was later developed into the iconic GameCube and PlayStation 2 version. The transition from PC to console also marked the official formation of the game's development company, The Behemoth, a good reminder that it doesn't take a huge development team to make a hit game. Before Alien Hominid made this transition in 2004, a Flash game had never gone to console.

Otherworldly excitement

As adorable as the main alien character is (in contrast to other popular scary video game aliens), gamers should expect a challenge, albeit a thrilling one, set in a vibrant visual landscape. Playing Alien Hominid is a passport to a world (even though it's technically set on Earth) of colorful chaos and nonstop arcade-style action. Since one hit equals instant death for your extraterrestrial protagonist, be prepared for a challenge throughout this indie side-scrolling shooter. Major arcade vibes dominate as Alien Hominid's hero takes on multiple enemies, from the FBI to evil robots to giant scorpions and more.


Thanks to a combination of creative design work and high-intensity gameplay, Alien Hominid boasts positive critic and fan acclaim, with an impressive Metascore of 78 and user score of 8.2 on Metacritic. With single- and multi-player options available, you can recruit some supernatural sidekicks to join in the journey alongside you. 

Though the game is relatively short, it packs in 16 main levels, plus an enticing selection of mini-games on the side to provide ongoing insanity.

More thrills ahead

The game's origins were just the first chapter. Now, fans of the original game are welcome to enjoy Alien Hominid HD on Xbox 360 through Xbox Live. According to The Behemoth, players get to experience "completely hand-drawn high-definition graphics, coupled with old-school game play, [that] results in ultimate mayhem and hours of fun!"


The Behemoth's upcoming PC and console game Alien Hominid Invasion may not have an official release date, but knowing it's "approaching Earth" means original players and first-timers alike have something to look forward to. Gamers who attended PAX East 2020 got a special preview in advance. In Dec. 2020, the developers hosted a live stream with gameplay and a Q&A.

From its Flash days to the future promise of continued fighting, flailing, and fun, the Alien Hominid series has proven that quirky, unique concepts, airtight gameplay, and a hint of nostalgia are enough to help a game as good as this one stand the test of time.