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The N64 Snowboarding Game That '90s Kids Loved

Winter sports fans know there's nothing better than hitting the slopes and shredding. Better yet, thanks to the underrated but thrilling throwback Nintendo 64 game Snowboard Kids, players can get their fix of fresh powder and mountainside mayhem without needing to bundle up for cold weather. Best of all, it's much more affordable than a lift ticket.


In Snowboard Kids, players get to explore nine different courses from the desert to the icy mountains, and they can try out three different game modes. While Skill Game and Time Attack modes are certainly worth a try, Battle Race mode is the crown jewel of this hidden gem. Reminiscent of Mario Kart with power-ups and obstacles adding to the thrill of the downhill dash, Snowboard Kids also features a functional ski lift and the opportunity to throw in some flashy tricks to get ahead. Coins collected along the way can be used at the shop for upgrades.

The character options aren't nearly as iconic as the Mario crew or as recognizable as Tony Hawk crossover stars, though the jury's still out on whether Shrek and Spiderman fit into the skating world to begin with.


N64 Nostalgia

As is often the case with the best sports games, fans of snowboarding are likely to enjoy this fun, simple title even if just for their love of the stoke. While it's not as well-known (or lucrative) as Tony Hawk's popular skateboarding games or other snowboarding titles like 1080° Snowboarding, if you love shredding, gaming, and reliving that classic '90s kid life, then Snowboard Kids will likely be right up your alley.


Like the title implies, this super shredder is in fact a "kids game," but that doesn't mean adults can't join in the fun. '90s kids who grew up playing Super Mario 64, GoldenEye 007, Ocarina of Time, and other classic N64 faves will love the throwback feel that comes with firing up their childhood gaming system and popping this one in for some fast-paced snowboarding.

So, if you're in the mood for a healthy dose of excitement and nostalgia, grab the N64, Snowboard Kids, your favorite winter sweater, and a cup of hot cocoa for your anticipated alpine adventure. Before you know it, you'll be the Chloe Kim of retro gaming!