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Pokemon Fans Really Want To Sleep Inside Gengar's Mouth

2020 was a rough year for a lot of people, so it makes sense that some would want to take a nap in a Pokémon's mouth, right? Pokémon fans have enjoyed a wide array of official merchandise for years, but no toy or décor can compare to the Gengar Cushion, which invites nappers to take a trip to hell via the Ghost Type's gaping maw.


The soft cushion features a tongue measuring 170 centimeters (or a bit over five and a half feet) long that rolls out for different napping positions. Pokéshopper reports that the pillow sold out in just a little over an hour, proving that people really want to sleep inside Gengar's mouth, which could be a little alarming.

According to Bulbapedia, Gigantamax Gengar, which the pillow resembles, doubles as a portal to the afterlife. The entry goes on to state, "it attempts to steal the lives of those it captures. Should someone stand near its mouth, they can hear the voices of their loved ones calling out to them." What better way to end 2020 and enter into the new year than by resting inside a door to the afterlife?


Official photographs of the cushion show different ways one can use Gengar. Those lucky enough to get the cushion can rest with their heads inside Gengar, use his tongue as a pillow, or even wrap themselves in his tongue to get that real pulled-into-the-afterlife feeling. There's no word yet on whether buyers can hear voices from the other side.

People have paid a considerable amount of money for the privilege of hugging Gengar's massive tongue. The cushion costs 25,950 yen, which converts to roughly $250 in the US. Preorders will begin to ship in June 2021, and Pokéshopper does not know of any plans for another wave of Gengar cushions in the future.

Fans have already responded to Pokéshopper's initial tweet by comparing themselves to different images from the promotional material. One user points to a specific image of a model kneeling on Gengar's tongue with their head in its mouth as representative of 2020.

Of course, Pokémon has always encouraged silly engagement with its characters, just based on their design or wild moves. For now, many fans will just have to dream of cuddling with their favorite Ghost Type friend and hope that Bandai decides to increase preorders or rerelease the plush.