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This Is Why Miyamoto Was Embarrassed By Super Mario Bros. 3

When it comes to platforming games, there are few that rival those in the Super Mario series. When it comes to Mario games, there are few that rival Super Mario Bros. 3.

It was the a hugely popular game upon release, and in over 35 years of brick-breaking and fireball-chucking, it remains a fan favorite. While most products are lucky to have a commercial that's longer than 30 seconds, Super Mario Bros. 3 had one that was around 100 minutes in the form of a feature film. The Wizard was essentially a blown-out advertisement for the upcoming NES game, which would later inspire the Nintendo World Championships. It's that big of a deal. 


The bottom line is everyone loves Super Mario Bros. 3, right? Well, not everyone. Mario's wildly successful creator, Shigeru Miyamoto, is not a fan. In fact, he was rather embarrassed by Super Mario Bros. 3. This is why.

Super Mario Bros. 3 is not perfect in Miyamoto's eyes

While most view Super Mario Bros. 3 as a perfect game, Miyamoto bashed the beloved Mario title.

He reflected on his body of work during a Q&A for Time Magazine's Techland, and in doing so, he had some less-than-flattering things to say about the beloved NES game. While Miyamoto did appear to have some fondness for the original Mario trilogy, he actually felt some embarrassment after revisiting these older titles. Naturally, he could have called out Super Mario Bros. 1 or 2, but he chose 3 as an example of something he felt was no longer "good enough."


Though Miyamoto might have been underwhelmed by Super Mario Bros. 3 in hindsight, he did acknowledge that "the balance in that game is what it needed to be at that time." From there, he expressed that he wouldn't change a thing, even if it wasn't his proudest achievement. 

Mario's creator may feel that Super Mario Bros. 3 is dated, but that doesn't mean fans share his opinion. The game has stood the test of time and continues to be a fan favorite.