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Asmongold's Streaming Break Has Fans Worried

Twitch streamer Asmongold announced via Twitter that he's taking a break from streaming, much to the dismay of his fans.

Asmongold has become known for World of Warcraft streaming, but has since branched out into other games. After building a loyal fanbase on YouTube, Asmongold made the move to Twitch, where his popularity really took off. Asmongold recently made headlines for an extremely generous offer he received from an unnamed developer to stream their game, and has continued to be a staple in the streaming community.


Just days ago, Asmongold tweeted his excitement over the new Offline TV Rust server, which aims for a more nonviolent, roleplaying approach to the game.

However, it seems like Asmongold's plans may have changed. Asmongold tweeted, "Going to be taking a break from streaming indefinitely. I've gone back and forth about this for the past few weeks...A lot of different reasons why, too much to list out in a tweet." A later tweet clarified that he's "not quitting, just taking a break," and that the Offline TV Rust server was not the reason he's on hiatus. He also said that his break will probably last about a month. Fans immediately began wondering why their favorite streamer might be taking a break.


One fan responded by speculating that Asmongold's mother is sick and needs his full attention, but other Twitter users were quick to note that Asmongold is wealthy enough to hire assistance in taking care of his mother. Regardless of the speculation, Asmongold has not released any additional details about his hiatus, and has not provided a reason for temporarily leaving streaming.

This isn't Asmongold's first break from streaming. About a year ago, he took some time off from broadcasting, which upset many fans. In a video explaining his reasons for stepping back from streaming, Asmongold says that while his stream was successful, he felt pressure to censor himself and speak a certain way, which took a toll on him personally. Control and creative freedom are important for many streamers, including Asmongold. Still, some fans worry that taking breaks from streaming might result in a lower fanbase, or worse, a dying channel. 

Though Asmongold can rub some streaming fans the wrong way, others have come to adore the sometimes surly streamer's personality. Regardless of how viewers feel about streamers, it's important to remember that they're real people who are subject to stress. It's no surprise that many popular streamers have thought about quitting.