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The One Feature 1 In 3 People Want To See In A Nintendo Switch Pro

Close your eyes and imagine what playing a Nintendo Switch Pro would feel like, fully optimized and flawless. According to the recent poll of 1.2K SVG gamers worldwide, 1 in 3 users desire 4k visuals more than anything else in a new console.


As much as gamers are dreaming of a shiny new version of the Nintendo Switch, especially given the fact that such rumors have been circulating for a long while now, the odds aren't exactly in their favor. In an interview from Dec. 2020, Nintendo of America President Doug Bowser spoke to the continued success of the current iteration of the Switch, which doesn't seem like great news for the possibility of a Pro. The console is still making strong strides in sales, keeping old and new players captivated with popular titles like Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Hades, and its multifunctional handheld and home console playability continues to be unique and appealing in the console landscape.

That being said, Bowser didn't rule out the possibility of a Switch Pro with 4K visuals in the future. So if you've still got your heart set on a certain improvement, not all hope is lost!


Graphic Goals and Switch Glitches

Though 38% of poll participants prioritized better graphics, making 4K visuals the clear top choice, a significant 32% of Switch gamers are desperate for that pesky Joy-Con drift issue to be resolved. Who could blame them? After three years and counting, this design flaw is still driving Nintendo fans up the wall, with some even filing lawsuits. On the positive side, $70 can buy players an easy escape from this issue in the form of the Pro Controller.


Bringing up the rear of the poll results, 18% of voters wanted faster processing, while 9% wanted a bigger hard drive. A slim 2% of players had another wish for their perfect Nintendo Switch Pro. Some options cited by those gamers who chose the "Other" option included calls for better battery life.

Only time will tell what's in store for Switch fans, and if they can get those 4K visuals they want. Gamers have made their hopes for the future clear, but for now, they'll have to love the console with its imperfections. The silver lining? There are plenty of fresh titles to keep players entertained until the Nintendo Switch Pro (hopefully) becomes a reality.