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What Neekolul Looks Like Without Makeup

Popular streamer recently Neekolul surprised fans by revealing what she looks like without makeup. Neekolul posted two selfies of herself on Twitter, commenting, "Some no makeup selfies to scare [you] today." In the photos, Neekolul sits in her car, her expression blank and restful.

Gamers know Neekolul from her successful Twitch channel, and from her popularity as one of the first people to create a meme from "Oki Doki Boomer" by Sanzawa. Neekolul went from relative obscurity to internet fame rapidly, and she quickly gained sponsors and viewers. Many of Neekolul's viewers come from the social media platform TikTok, indicating a possible shift in how gamers are able to find new streamers. Neekolul is now a Twitch partner with a massive fanbase. She's bilingual, and streams in both English and Spanish, widening her potential audience even more. 

Fans are often curious to know what their favorite streamers look like without makeup, and Neekolul is no exception. In reality, fans have criticized Neekolul for a variety of physical details, including her makeup. Neekolul posted on Twitter in response to her trolls, making fun of the kinds of people who criticize her for wearing "too much" makeup.

A bigger commentary on streaming

Neekolul attempts to walk a fine line, much like many female streamers on the internet. Her fanbase has waxed and waned throughout her career, especially after she mentioned she had a boyfriend. After revealing that she was dating someone, Neekolul lost 65,000 followers in 48 hours

Gita Jackson for Vice has pleaded for viewers to consider how women have been asked to change themselves to be sexier for those that wish to objectify them. Using Neekolul as an example, Jackson walked readers through the history of the sexualization of young girls and concluded by comparing Neekolul to pop stars like Britney Spears

It seems that no matter what some streamers do, they're subject to criticism from fans and haters alike. In fact, harassment has been a recurring issue for many streamers than their male counterparts. Neekolul's vulnerability in showing her face without makeup, talking about her body, and discussing her personal life seems to be an attempt to connect with her fans in a more intimate way, hopefully improving their bond and making her success long lasting.