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Why N64's Mischief Makers Is Still Worth Playing Despite The Learning Curve

You don't need a new game for a new challenge, as long as you've got your trusty Nintendo 64 and a copy of 1997 hidden gem Mischief Makers. Even though it's nearly 25 years old, don't underestimate this title, which is known for its tough controls and complex gameplay. However, for those who are willing to embrace a bit of a learning curve, interplanetary adventure awaits.


Players take the role of Marina, trusty robot sidekick and protector to her Earthly inventor Professor Theo, the robot expert who has been kidnapped by planet Clancer's most insidious crew while visiting. Later on, Marina's quest will evolve into something bigger: the fight for Clancer freedom.

Fight your way through dozens of levels split into five stages where you'll take on tasks like solving puzzles, rescuing Clancer kids, throwing bombs, destroying bosses, and so much more. An ever-unfolding cosmic journey with twists and turns is guaranteed for those who are brave enough to take the dive into this unconventional, challenging classic that's fun for all ages.

Mischievous Maneuvering

Like many other undervalued throwback games and overlooked titles through the years, Mischief Makers features a bright, chipper soundtrack, cute, colorful visuals, and nonstop side-scrolling action as Marina navigates caves, volcanos, mountains, deserts, and more Clancer landscapes. However, unlike familiar N64 titles (and even rarer finds), Mischief Makers is known for its particularly involved controller configuration.


As you grab, shake, and throw your way out of trouble, you'll have to allow yourself some time to adjust to the tricky controls. However, players with the gumption to keep going can expect their persistence and experimentation to pay off.

Nearly every N64 controller button is fair play in Mischief Makers. Though analog stick fans may not be used to the D-pad, the thrill is worth the challenge that's part of the charm and appeal of this exciting old find. Before you know it, you'll be dashing through Clancer and destroying enemies without a hitch. And the game has tutorial levels to get you started off on the right foot.

Think you have what it takes to save Professor Theo and your new Clancer friends? Mischief Makers is the retro game you need for a thrill that feels brand-new!