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The Creepy Easter Egg That Links P.T. And Metal Gear Solid 5

Metal Gear Solid 5 is the stain that won't wash away, no matter how much Konami tries. It's a great game, but it will forever be remembered as Hideo Kojima's final production at the company, one marred by strife and betrayal. More importantly, since Kojima pulled a double shift to produce that game alongside the canceled Silent Hills, he placed some Easter eggs into Metal Gear Solid 5 that reference the ill-fated P.T. 


Of course, once Kojima parted ways with Konami and Silent Hills was unceremoniously buried, the company scrubbed all mention of Silent Hills and P.T. (and most mentions of Kojima) from the PlayStation Store and Metal Gear Solid 5. At least, the company tried to.

During TGS 2014, Konami showed off some new in-game equipment for Metal Gear Solid 5, including an inflatable decoy. One special variant referenced P.T. by spawning a blow-up doll of the teaser's iconic murder ghost Lisa. While that Easter egg never made it into the final version of Metal Gear Solid 5, the game's team snuck in another P.T. Easter egg that completely flew under Konami's radar.

Don't touch that dial now, we're just getting started

P.T. is full of little details and secrets, the most salient being Silent Hills' erstwhile backstory hidden within patchwork radio transmissions. These were transplanted wholesale into Metal Gear Solid 5, but you need to do some digging to find them.


Metal Gear Solid 5 hides P.T.'s crime report, ending narration, and "204863" transmissions in very specific in-game radios. The most obvious piece of this secret is the crime report, which can be heard in a guarded tent in Ngumba Industrial Zone during "Mission 20: Voices." The ending narration, meanwhile, is secluded in the Angola-Zaire Border Region. If you visit the large building during "Mission 28: Code Talker" and at least one of the Skulls is alive, you will find a radio spouting the narration.

Confusingly, 204863 is split up into two distinct pieces within MGS 5: its music and its transcript. The music emanates from a radio near a road in Kungenga Mine, while the transcript is uttered from a radio in a tent in Ngumba Industrial Zone. While you can find the 204863 music any time, the transcript is only approachable during "Mission 20: Voices." If you find one P.T. transmission during "Voices," the other one isn't far away.