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The Secret Ending You Probably Didn't See In Final Fantasy X-2

Final Fantasy X's conclusion was bittersweet as the hero, Tidus, faded from existence following a tearful farewell with his beloved Yuna in one of the saddest endings of Final Fantasy history. Although the game's sequel was deemed unnecessary by someFinal Fantasy X-2 attempted to give the characters of the previous game a happier resolution.  

The story picks up two years later as Yuna, no longer a summoner, joins a trio of treasure hunters known as the Gullwings with longtime friend Rikku and newcomer Paine. This time, the story centers on the female hero as she travels the world looking for clues as to Tidus' whereabouts, hoping to be reunited with him. 

Most gamers who have played Final Fantasy X-2 probably already know about the Good Ending, which they can achieve by completing at least 90% of the game and by pressing a button at the right time when Yuna is in the Farplane. What fans might not know is that the game also has a Perfect Ending, which is a lot harder to get — and, according to some, not nearly as satisfying. For the curious, here's what you need to know about Final Fantasy X-2's Perfect Ending.

You must complete 100% of the game

There's a lot to do in Final Fantasy X-2 ... a lot. And getting a score of 100% completion is a challenge that only die-hard gamers may wish to undertake. Those who are up for it should settle in for a long, difficult journey.

Perhaps the most harrowing challenge is going through some of the more mind-numbing aspects of the game. Players must be thorough about talking to NPCs and be specific about how and when they answer. Skipping cutscenes is a big no-no. Plus, there are storylines that must end with a certain result to count as part of the full completion. For example, in the Mi'hen Mystery storyline, Rikku must be found the culprit in order to count toward 100% completion. And remember that really slow chapter that involves spying on people through CommSpheres? Better settle in for a long day of voyeurism. 

There are also more battle-oriented missions to take on, like the Via Infinito or the optional superboss battle against Angra Mainyu in the Bikanel desert. These monumental hurdles take a lot of time and focus, and anyone wishing to tackle them must have nerves of steel.

Tidus and Yuna share a private moment

If players are able to reach 100% completion, they will unlock two post-credit scenes which show Yuna finally being reunited with Tidus. After the Good Ending marks Tidus' triumphant return, the Perfect Ending shows a scene with Yuna and Tidus revisiting Zanarkand.

During their conversation, Tidus voices his theory as to how he was able to return: As we learned in the first game, Tidus isn't even real but a dream of the Fayth. Tidus says that perhaps he's still a dream, which promptly triggers Yuna's fears that he may fade away at any moment. Instead of trying to assuage her anxieties, Tidus tells her: "Cherish me, Yuna, and I'll cherish you." Then Yuna playfully pushes Tidus into a puddle, and that — in her mind — somehow confirms that Tidus is here to stay for good. Why? Who knows? 

Some people have claimed that Final Fantasy X-2 is better without the Perfect Ending, and the Good Ending is the preferred conclusion for some. Maybe the logic of why Tidus has come back isn't important — it's the fairytale ending that really matters, not what happens after "happily ever after."