Battlefield 1 Fall Update Includes Gameplay Changes And Bug Fixes

Battlefield 1's Fall Update has been detailed in a post on the game's official servers, providing notes on gameplay changes and bug fixes.

The post on the official Battlefield forums is lengthy and features a laundry list of notes on all of the changes across all platforms. The biggest changes affect the Operations and Conquest game modes. Attacking teams in Operations have been given a boost and get a maximum of 250 tickets, up from 100. The amount of tickets regained after killing defenders and capturing sectors has also increased too. As for Conquest mode, the layout of the Suez map has received two additional flags, bringing the total up to 5 flags. There's also a new armored car that spawns for either teams in their HQ, which is sure to be helpful in any situation.

Along with the big changes to the two game modes, there are also a ton of bug fixes that affect everything from the user interface to how some of the gadgets work. Be sure to check out the full list of changes in the update and see if the tweaks were enough to get Battlefield 1 worthy enough to become one of the best games of 2016.