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Will The OtterBox Gaming Accessories Protect Against Rage-Quits?

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If you protect your smartphone with an OtterBox case, you know that thing's a beast and offers great protection from drops or any other mistreatment your mobile device might suffer at your hands, whether accidental or purposeful — as a result of emotional outbursts, for example. Now, OtterBox has set its sights on gaming, bringing its indestructibility and thoughtful design to accessories such as controllers. 


At this year's virtual CES 2021, OtterBox announced five new products that, as its press release says, are designed to "bridge the gap between console and mobile gaming experiences." OtterBox's new gaming accessories were created as part of MIcrosoft's Designed for Xbox program. As such, the products will work with Xbox controllers.

"Gaming is one of the unique spaces where everyone has the opportunity to compete and connect, especially as we are physically distanced," said OtterBox CEO Jim Parke in the release. "OtterBox is the best in the world at providing trusted mobile accessories, and we're better positioned than anyone to deliver a premium gaming experience. This portfolio and our accessories designed for Xbox marks a major entry into the gaming market for us."


Five protective new Otterbox products

The five announced OtterBox gaming accessories will be available for pre-order starting Jan. 25 at OtterBox's site and via Microsoft, Verizon, and GameStop, with products shipping in mid-February. 

First up, there's an Easy Grip Controller Shell, an ergonomic case designed to protect controllers while maintaining "natural controller hand-feel." It features two sets of swappable grip pads with antimicrobial protection, but still provides access to the battery and doesn't interfere with gameplay.


The Otterbox Gaming Carry Case protects your controller and also holds it in place at any angle. This water-resistant case gives players a "mobile command center," since it works as a stand and protects your joysticks from harm.

The Mobile Gaming Clip attaches phones to Xbox controllers. The clip is adjustable and is compatible with just about any smartphone.

The Easy Grip Gaming Case is basically an iPhone case made for gaming. It features CoolVergence technology to reduce your phone's overheating risk, as well as anti-slip grip edges. 

Finally, the Gaming Glass Privacy Guard OtterBox is basically a screen protector optimized for mobile gaming. It blocks unwanted viewers while maintaining screen brightness.


But will they protect against rage-quits?

Rage-quitting, caused by frustration and anger from losing, can result in lots of swearing, not to mention damaged electronics. OtterBox, one of the pricier phone case options out there, has a good reputation for minimizing that damage. 


Lifewire called the company's phone cases "well worth the investment" and notes they can "help your phone weather falls, bangs, and more without so much as a scratch." Meanwhile, Cult of Mac calls OtterBox "the gold standard for tablet and phone protective cases." Otterbox products regularly make "Best of" lists from different media outlets. Reviewers at retail sites give the cases good reviews, too.

Basically, if there's anything that CAN protect your valuable and sensitive electronics, it might come from OtterBox, so it should come as good news that the company is expanding into the gaming space. As the products start at $30 for the gaming clip and go up to $55 for the Easy Grip Gaming Case (which CNet says has been tested to survive some significant drops), these OtterBox accessories might be a good investment to keep you from spending a lot more.