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Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World: Why You Need To Pay Off Scott's Late Fees

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game has a soft spot in many gamers' hearts. The game remained loyal to the comics it was based on while also paying tribute to other video games, like River City Ransom, another famous beat-'em-up. Six years after the game disappeared from online storefronts, Ubisoft announced it was rereleasing the game on a multitude of newer consoles.


At the time, Ubisoft's announcement was a bit of a bummer for fans, as they'd have to wait until January for its rerelease, but now January is here. There's even a limited run of physical copies for those who want a more tangible rendition of their favorite game.

In the comics, which the movie and book follow closely, Scott owes $504.28 for renting The Land Before Time IV and not turning it in for 36 weeks. In the game, Scott owes three cents less, $504.25, which he must pay off before he can buy inexpensive power-ups from No-Account Video. If that sounds like a hefty fee to pay off, that's because it is.

What happens if you pay the fine?

But why should players want to pay it off in the first place? Surely, their money could be used for something else. Like many things in this well-designed game, there's a good reason for this obstacle, and paying off those fees pays off in the long run.


After players pay off Scott's enormous late fee, they can access movies for rent. These titles offer in-game power ups, like inexpensive 1-ups, strength and XP boosts, and one special film that gives a bonus to almost every stat. These bonuses add a bit more strategy to the game and allow players to customize their stats. Unfortunately, each playable character must pay off Scott's fines. That's a lot of hard work, but the benefits are worth it.

Fans of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game haven't been able to purchase the game since 2014. Though there's no official explanation for why the game disappeared, it's possible that there were licensing issues that made the game unavailable for so many years.