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The Spooky Secret You May Have Missed In Minecraft

Ah, Minecraft, a world of opportunity and creativity brought to life in a cube-centric, pixelated art style. Surely nothing creepy could happen there, right? Wrong: Sometimes even the most innocent-seeming games have the darkest secrets. Yes, even Minecraft.


One of the best parts of Minecraft is the ability players have to do what they want and explore whatever avenues they wish. It's total freedom! But just because it's a sandbox doesn't mean it's all fun and games. For those who enjoy collecting in-game jukebox discs, usually featuring normal, cheerful music, heed this warning: Discs 11 and 13 are totally spooky!

Theories about what the discs mean are as vast as the Minecraft world itself. Whether you hear Endermen, Herobrine (if he's even real), or some other phenomenon is unknown and impossible to prove, since everyone will hear and interpret the tracks differently. This ambiguity only adds to the unsettling vibes.

What's on the discs?

Disc 11 will capture your interest right away, as it sounds like someone running away from something sinister. Featuring frantically shuffling feet, exasperated vocalizations, unusual clicking, and other sounds to make the hair on the back of your neck stand up on end, this disc delivers haunted house and horror movie vibes, all in a place gamers would least expect them. The unevenness of the track gives it an even more unsettling vibe. Players may feel almost as if they are hearing these sounds live, which just makes the whole thing extra creepy.


Disc 13 amps up the scary mood with ominous chimes, the echoey, hollow sound of dripping water, and a pause in the middle that reminds gamers how silence can be even scarier than sound in certain scenarios. The fact that this is one of the first two discs players could obtain, and that the second disc is a cheery tune called Cat, only adds to the weirdness. Whatever you do, don't listen to discs 11 and 13 at once unless you're ready to be totally freaked out!

More creepypasta than you'd expect

It's worth noting that there are plenty of sinister theories around Minecraft's "ending," making these discs feel a little less out of the blue. While most players aren't under the impression that the game's creator Notch is a god, or that Satan/Herobrine/some demonic force is part of the game, there are theories that claim otherwise, and there's no way to officially rule anything out (especially after hearing those tapes). Others think the game represents a dream. These tapes make it feel like a nightmare!


Just as with Minecraft's gameplay, players are free to build their own theories and make the game their own, and nothing is completely out of the question. While it might not answer bigger questions about the dark side of Minecraft or the discs' meaning, we at least know the theory that Steve is based on Grand Theft Auto: Vice City's Tommy Vercetti has been officially debunked. It looks like for now, Discs 11 and 13 and other untold truths of Minecraft will remain cryptic, but for those with a strong tolerance for the eerie, the promise of endless mysteries to explore is part of the fun of it all.