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The Last Of Us Developer May Have A New Game In The Works

Fans of The Last of Us may have some good news on the way. Naughty Dog co-president Neil Druckmann tweeted on Thursday, Jan. 14, that the company is looking to hire team members for a new project. Could this mean a new game is on the horizon? Almost certainly.


The image Druckmann shared on Twitter included several open positions at Naughty Dog in the art, editorial, programming, game design, IT/dev ops, production, quality assurance, UI, and animation departments. Some titles of interest include Technical Gameplay Animator, Cinematic Lighting Artist, Game Designer, Backend Programmer, and UI Visual Designer. Many roles are apparently temporary assignments, while some are delegated as part of a specific team. Long story short, it certainly looks like Naughty Dog is gathering a team to build their next game.

If that evidence isn't exciting enough, Druckmann's caption also heavily hinted at a new game being in the works. He tweeted, "Come work with us! We're making something very cool!" The tweet was accompanied by a zipper-mouth emoji, which pretty much says it all.


Whether the rumored new game has any relation to The Last of Us series is unknown at this time. Nonetheless, fans of the series are sure to be partial to anything from the same powerhouse team that brought them Ellie and Joel's post-apocalyptic adventures. Naughty Dog has also met success through other games, most notably, the Uncharted series.

While the first game in the series is pretty universally celebrated as a success, the sequel brought with it some controversy. Upon its June 2020 release, The Last of Us 2 was met with waves of critical acclaim. However, not all players felt the same about some of the key tragic moments in the game, and some took to harassing TLOU2 developers and cast members.

Fans certainly have their thoughts about Druckmann's recent tweet, and they're not holding back in the comments. @AnthonyCaliber tweeted, "If you need someone to complain and whine about something even though it's fine the way it is, I'm your guy," which playfully pokes fun at those who didn't care for TLOU2. @TimoPlaysTP also joined in the banter by tweeting, "How about a new lead writer; y'all need one." Beyond that, some gamers expressed interest in working for Naughty Dog, while others shared a wide range of future hopes for the teased new game. 


Even with the variety of opinions on TLOU2, the overall excitement is palpable. All eyes are on Druckmann and Naughty Dog as they craft what fans hope will be the company's next masterpiece.