Pokemon Sun And Moon Pirates Banned By Nintendo

Players who have pirated copies of Pokémon Sun and Moon are reporting that Nintendo has banned them from online play and access to the Nintendo eShop.

According to Kotaku, players from sites like GBA Temp and 4Chan who have pirated copies of the new Pokémon game have reported being blocked from going online by Nintendo. The ban has even gone as far as preventing these players from buying new titles on the eShop or even redownloading titles that were previously purchased. Many of the pirates are understandably upset that their 3DS handheld consoles are now virtually unusable.

The ban has split the pirates into those wanting to get around the bans and those who feel a bit of remorse for having pirated the games in the first place. The former group has suggested things like purchasing a new 3DS, taking its information and putting it into the banned 3DS, and then returning the now-useless console. Some of the more remorseful pirates who were unaffected by the ban have promised to pick up legit copies of the games and may cease their pirating in the future for fear of the Nintendo banhammer.

Legitimate copies of Pokémon Sun and Moon can be purchased when they're released for the 3DS on November 18. It seems to be on track to join the ranks of the best games of 2016, so look forward to its release.