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Rare Enemies You May Never Encounter In The Original Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy might be known for larger than life weapons and big, bad bosses, but some of the most infamous enemies have evaded fans for years, appearing rarely or not at all. Chances are, Final Fantasy fans have played through the series' original game and never even seen these ultra rare enemies.


Some enemies invoke such fear in players that they gasp whenever the baddie appears. For instance, the Iron Golem has that reputation, partially because of its unrelenting difficulty, but also because of its rarity. The Iron Golem is beefy, with over 300 hit points and a hefty defense against magic and physical attacks. 

If defeated, the Iron Golem gives players 6,717 XP points and 3,000 Gil, which is enough to buy several of the healing elixirs players will need after going toe to toe with the Iron giant. However, most players won't get to see the Iron Golem, as it only has a 1.6% chance of appearing in the Chaos Shrine, the first dungeon players encounter.

Tyrannosaur and beyond

Though the Tyrannosaur looks like the similarly-named dinosaur, it is anything but.

The Tyrannosaur only coughs up 600 Gil for the party's trouble, but it does earn players 7,200 XP, a hefty reward for defeating the giant beast. These giant lizards lurk around the Yahnikurm Desert and a lake north of Lufenia, but they're not always easy to find. They also like to travel in packs occasionally, meaning double the XP for the lucky party that finds two Tyrannosaurs instead of one. The Tyrannosaur isn't particularly difficult to defeat, but the beast's rarity and XP payout makes it desirable nonetheless.


There's also the dreaded Warmech, a bipedal robot that hangs out in the Flying Fortress, right before the players encounter Tiamat. While the Warmech returns for subsequent Final Fantasy games, its most intimidating appearance is in Final Fantasy 1, where it has 1,000 HP and earns players a massive 32,000 XP for their trouble. The enemy only has a 3 in 64 chance of appearing, meaning that it's one of the rarest enemies in the NES classic RPG.

Final Fantasy fans can go back and find these rare enemies in Final Fantasy 1 while they wait for the next installment of the beloved franchise.