Overwatch Voice Actor Video From BlizzCon Gets Animated

A video of Jonny Cruz and other Overwatch voice actors running around BlizzCon 2016 has been animated, replacing the actors with their respective heroes.

During BlizzCon 2016, Jonny Cruz, Lucio's voice actor in Overwatch, uploaded a video that featured him running around the Blizzard Entertainment campus and talking to different voice actors from the game. Many Overwatch fans enjoyed hearing their favorite heroes engage in playful banter.

YouTube user Greatdictator animated the video and replaced the actors with their characters, with plenty of other Blizzard favorites mulling about in the background. Look closely and you'll see Anub'arak. Gul'dan, and even some of the characters from Team Fortress 2, another team-based first-person shooter.

Check out both videos to compare the two and then focus on trying to "git gud" in the game.