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Why Kingdom Hearts Fans Will Never Forget Angelic Amber

Kingdom Hearts is a thrilling series full of fun, friendship, and definitely nothing creepy, right? Hold that thought and think again. Angelic Amber, the Heartless-possessed marionette doll from the Toy Box world of Kingdom Hearts 3, is such a creepy character that even the most diehard fans are still trying to erase her from their nightmares.


Angelic Amber starts off her short but powerful in-game legacy doing something unforgivable: trapping the lovable Toy Story piggy bank Hamm in a dollhouse. She certainly makes an entrance by kidnapping a key character right off the bat and wreaking havoc for the game's heroes.

Once Woody, Buzz, and friends break the curly-tailed coin-collecting cutie free, Angelic Amber creepily peeps into the dollhouse Donald Duck wandered back into. Big mistake, Donald. Clearly, the characters in the Kingdom Hearts universe have never seen a scary movie or they would've run away immediately. But of course, you can't always trust logic when you're playing a Kingdom Hearts game.

Defeating the Dollhouse Disaster

What follows Angelic Amber's introduction is an epic boss battle to take down this possessed doll and her relentless sidekicks. The malicious toy gives no notice to the laws of physics and instead sneaks and wonders into action, floating through the air as if she's possessed. Which, of course, she is. She'll give even the most stoic players a serious case of the heebie-jeebies.


And let's not forget the fact that Angelic Amber is huge compared to the game's protagonists. Buzz and Woody are about the size you'd expect toys to be, while Angelic Amber is at least the size of Andy from Toy Story. Now, imagine if Andy had iridescent, lifeless eyes, moved like a ghost, and was, well, totally creepy.

Once the boss battle with Angelic Amber is complete, you may think you've seen the last of her, and you have — unless she comes back in the rumored Kingdom Hearts TV series or a future Kingdom Hearts sequel.