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Twitch Streamer TommyInnit Makes A Surprising Admission

Up-and-coming British streaming star TommyInnit, who has 3.1 million followers on Twitch and whose popularity increased a lot in 2020 as a result of his Minecraft streams, recently made a claim that may surprise his fans. He used to be a stream sniper for Shroud


At the beginning of his most recent video, TommyInnit explains that "a stream sniper is basically someone who watches someone stream and tries to join their game to f*** with them." In fact, people may have several different goals when stream sniping — to get an unfair advantage, for example, or to troll and harass a famous gamer. As with many other games, stream sniping is banned in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds — yet PUBG was especially bad in attracting stream snipers during its period of peak popularity in 2017. This is the game TommyInnit says he was stream sniping in. 

In Shroud's case, though, his infamous gang of stream snipers were loyal to him, helping him out by giving him items like weapons or armor or trying to save his life when the opportunity arose — or even singing to him. TommyInnit claims to have been one of those. 


"I think no one from my Twitch and YouTube community knows I used to be a stream sniper. However, s***-tons of you do know I'm really, really into PUBG," TommyInnit said in the video. He later added, "And the other thing I absolutely love is Shroud. Oh my, he is ... so brilliant."

During this stream, he shows himself to be quite a Shroud fanboy, showing off a Shroud keychain he made himself and explaining how excited he was when he, playing on his old and not very effective Alienware laptop, was finally able to get into one of Shroud's games on PUBG. "Holy crap, I spoke to Shroud!" he yells after showing footage of one of his stream sniping sessions.

TommyInnit goes on to explain that, two years back, he saw some people stream sniping and thought he wanted to do it too. So, he tried to get into Shroud's game for a week, using an old Alienware laptop while streaming Shroud on his phone. "I had to stay up till like 11 o'clock which, for a 14-year-old, I think that was very late," he said. "But then after about a week of trying to get into his games and always failing and never meeting him and always just dying off the bat, after Shroud was unbanned on the 9th of August 2018, I got my moment." 


After that, TommyInnit felt he was "destined" to become a stream sniper. And playing with his hero and saving Shroud's life in the game made him feel "like a God among men."

It's unclear if this admission could get TommyInnit in trouble with Twitch admins, or if everyone will simply laugh it off. Still, it wouldn't be the first time he was banned or otherwise punished for controversial behavior. It might be interesting to know if Shroud remembers his current Twitch rival as one of his stream-sniping fans, though.