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This Is The Best Trace Rifle In Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is chock full of all kinds of weapons (even more than the original game), but none may be as strangely satisfying to use as trace rifles. These guns shoot out elemental energy beams that can either shock enemies, burn them to a crisp, or blast them with void power. These weapons are so particularly powerful that legendary versions of them simply don't exist. Every single trace rifle in the game right now is exotic, which means once you equip one, you can't equip any other exotic weapon.


If you're intent on using a trace rifle as your main gun, there are five options to choose from at the time of this writing. All have their own pros and cons, but as you've probably guessed, only one can reign supreme above the rest. Below, you'll learn which trace rifle is the best in Destiny 2 and which one you should have equipped for both player-versus-environment and player-versus-player activities.

Divinity rules the trace rifle category

In a game where, sadly, there aren't more trace rifles available to use, Divinity is the one you should have by your side. This exotic trace rifle shoots out a solid beam of arc damage that actually does very little impact. It's not going to tear through hordes of enemies all on its own. But that isn't really where Divinity shines, and is not how you should be using it.


Divinity's "Judgment" perk "envelops the target in a field that weakens and disrupts them," according to Light.gg. When you shoot an enemy long enough with Divinity, an enlarged target is produced that makes any shot on the target a critical hit. You can imagine how this might be useful in certain activities with large bosses, and in fact, Divinity is an ideal weapon for Destiny 2's various raid and Ordeal strike activities. You'll be the hero of your raid group if you have Divinity on your character.

How do you get Divinity?

Most of the other trace rifles in Destiny 2 can be obtained by completing quests or by getting them as world drops. However, Destiny 2 does lock some weapons behind raid completions from time to time, and Divinity is one such gun. Divinity is an even more special case, though, as simply clearing the Garden of Salvation raid in the game won't be enough to get you a shot at Divinity. Instead, the process is a lot more complicated than that.


In order to get a Divinity of your own, you'll need to take a raid team into Garden of Salvation. After you complete the first encounter in the raid, you'll need to solve a rather elaborate puzzle using every single member of your crew. From there, you'll run through the rest of Garden of Salvation to the end and (hopefully) finish the final encounter. After that, you'll be granted Divinity. Getting the weapon may be difficult — especially if you run with a group who simply wants a clear as quickly as possible — but at least you don't have to rely on luck.