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This Is One Of The Rarest Special Edition Nintendo DS Consoles

There's no better console to enjoy your favorite classic Nintendo DS games on than the limited-edition Mew DS. That is, if you can find it!

According to GameSpot, this exclusive console was available only on the Japanese online Pokémon store and at just one brick-and-mortar store, which was, you guessed it: the Pokémon Centers in Japan! The time-limited release happened all the way back in 2005, so it's clear why this console is so rare today.


While getting your hands on a Mew DS is possible, prices can fluctuate, and there aren't a lot available to begin with. Now that the days of the DS are behind us, it's even harder to score your very own Mew DS. The original cost set at the 2005 release was $139, the same as a standard DS. Given the fact that the Mew DS is limited-edition, dated, and, of course, fabulous in all its Pokémon glory, those looking to find it must expect to pad their budgets a bit. But for the timelessness of the franchise, it's worth it.

Mew's big moment

Mew is only fitting as the star of one of the most exclusive (and cutest) DS models to date, given the psychic type's rarity. The console matches Mew's purple-pink coloring, with a subtle metallic glow to boot. You'll find vague silhouettes of Mew on the front of the console and on the upper left corner inside. In the theme of major Pokémon nostalgia, it's even better knowing that this console was released in conjunction with the 2005 film Pokémon: Lucario and the Mystery of Mew.


As exciting as the possibility of getting a Mew DS is, some players might worry there aren't enough games for this older console. No doubt about it, there are plenty of fantastic popular 3DS titles, most notably Pokémon Sun and Moon. But don't forget (or underestimate) those classic DS hits. Games like Nintendogs, Cooking Mama, and Mario Party are thrilling enough to stand the test of time. Plus, the retro gaming fun just adds to the appeal of getting a Mew DS in the first place.

If you manage to get your own Mew DS, it's official: Your legendary status is rivaled only by the console's star.