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Why Jefferson Davis Was Really Killed Off In Marvel's Spider-Man

Comic book fans know the details of Peter Parker/Spider-Man's origin story all too well.

Peter initially acquires his superpowers after being bitten by a radioactive spider at a science exhibit. At first, he uses his newfound abilities to become a celebrity. Sadly, this career path leads to him adopting a colder personality that ultimately costs him his uncle's life. After allowing a burglar to escape, Peter finds out that the exact same criminal went on to murder his Uncle Ben. In a moment of self-reflection, Peter vows to use his powers for good and live his life by this iconic phrase: "With great power comes great responsibility."


Spider-Man has saved the day in the memory of Uncle Ben in countless video games over the years. One of his most beloved game adaptations arrived in the form of 2018's Marvel's Spider-Man. The highly rated superhero epic features a bunch of cool details that you may have missed. But there's one emotion; moment in particular that caught everyone off guard.

The death of Jefferson Davis is a definite heartbreaker. But it ultimately leads to an "amazing" development later on.

Jefferson Davis' demise inspired his son's sense of duty

Spider-Man gets acquainted with NYPD officer Jefferson Davis during their bid to track down the Inner Demons gang led by Mister Negative.

Thanks to Davis' good deeds, Mayor Norman Osborn presents him with a medal at City Hall. However, this proud moment is disrupted by an attack by Mister Negative and his underlings. Spider-Man's Spidey senses go into overdrive once he spots a bunch of individuals that are set to explode. One of the people who have been turned into an explosive is the Deputy Mayor, who happens to be on the same stage as Davis and his fellow officers.


In a final act of heroism, Davis tackles the mayor to the ground and tries to shield the other officers in his vicinity. Sadly, they're all caught in the ensuing explosion.

Davis' sacrifice ends up creating a strong bond between Peter and Davis' son, Miles Morales, who eventually gets inspired to follow his father's ideals and work alongside Peter to protect New York City's citizens. In many ways, the death of Miles' father ends up paving the road to him becoming NYC's second web-slinger.