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The Final Fantasy 12 Boss Fight That You'll Never Forget

If there's one aspect of the exemplary Final Fantasy franchise that everyone has come to realize, it's just how difficult many of its bosses can be. Throughout the mainline series entries and spin-off titles, players have come up against the types of enemies that have insanely huge pools of HP. Even with a full party of heroes at max level and a high amount of HP at their disposal, it's still a tall task when it comes time to put all those tools to use against an incredibly powerful menace.


Anyone who's played Final Fantasy 7 knows just how harsh the Ruby Weapon is. If you managed to make it through Final Fantasy 8, then you know just how terrifying the Omega Weapon can be. And if you did everything there is to do in Final Fantasy 9, then you have a good idea of just how overwhelming Ozma's boss encounter is. Other notable behemoths, such as Penance (Final Fantasy 10) and Shinryu (Final Fantasy 5), join the long list of superbosses that the series also houses.

Final Fantasy 12 also features a nasty boss fight of its own that's still talked about in fan circles. This is Yiazmat.

Yiazmat is an incredibly difficult boss with an insane amount of HP

The original version of Final Fantasy 12 features the hardest rendition of Yiazmat to overcome.

If you're hoping to make even a slight dent in the ultimate Elite Mark behemoth, you're going to need a party full of completely leveled up fighters to do so. That's because Yiazmat's HP comes in at a value of over 50 million. What makes this boss fight even more of an insurmountable challenge is its party wiping abilities and the fact that it can fully heal itself at any time.


What's even worse is what occurs when players finally get Yiazmat down to 50-percent health: All the damage done to the creature gets capped off at 6,999 HP. All those factors make Yiazmat the type of superboss encounter that can take skilled players an hour to beat and unprepared players even longer to vanquish.

While the Final Fantasy 12 remaster (The Zodiac Age) version of Yiazmat is a bit easier to overcome, it still presents players with an hours-long battle that only the strongest will survive. Let's hope luck is on your side for this one.