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Viewtiful Joe Deserves A Reboot. Here's Why

Ah, Viewtiful Joe. The forgotten flashy hero of the aughts. While he may very much be a relic of his era in terms of style, that doesn't mean this gem of a game is dated by any means. When it comes to concept and gameplay, Viewtiful Joe is rather timeless, not to mention one of the most underrated superhero games.


Viewtiful Joe isn't just a great superhero title, but it's also one of the all-time best GameCube games. While it did get ported to the PlayStation 2 and even received a few follow-up installments, it sadly may never become a proper trilogy. Such a fact is truly a shame, as this awesome video game character needs a bigger franchise. Is it too late for the movie-loving hero?

Perhaps what Joe needs is a new start. It's time for Viewtiful Joe to receive an update so that the franchise can have another chance to thrive. Here is why Viewtiful Joe deserves a reboot.

A great action/puzzle game

Viewtiful Joe seamlessly blends fast- (and slow-) paced action with challenging puzzles to create a truly memorable experience. You play as a superhero stuck in the movie world who can bend the speed of everything around him, which alters the impact of his moves and attacks. He can strike enemies at lightning speed or slow them down to increase the destructive nature of each blow, and a close-up will encourage Joe to get extra fancy for the camera. Not only does all of this make for enjoyable fighting mechanics, but his powers lead to a slew of fun and interesting puzzles. 


Over on Eurogamer, Tom Bramwell called Viewtiful Joe "a posterchild for great games that failed to capture your cash at retail." The game scored a near-perfect 9.5 out of 10 on IGN, with reviewer Cory D. Lewis claiming "it's one of the most action-packed and genuinely entertaining games I've played in a long time on any system." Lewis felt the game was nearly flawless, going so far as to urge readers who didn't already have one to buy a GameCube for Viewtiful Joe. Of course, this review pre-dated the PS2 port, but the bottom line is that Joe is a winner.

Everyone has a little Joe in them

Joe is an everyman character. He's much like those who play the game: a regular person who is a huge fan of something — movies, in this case. Viewtiful Joe allows gamers to play out the ultimate fandom fantasy, where an ordinary guy is pulled into his favorite movie and granted powers by his idol. When playing the game, you can relate to the protagonist's elation over fulfilling his dream of transforming from ordinary to extraordinary.


Of course, not everyone who plays Viewtiful Joe is an everyman, which is why Viewtiful Joe 2 gave players the option to switch between Joe and his girlfriend Silvia, who was captured in the first game.

Offering your pick between the two characters was an exciting new step for the sequel, which is why a rebooted Viewtiful Joe is long overdue. A modern take could include character customization with more robust options. This would give fans the chance to design heroes that more accurately reflect who they are, going beyond the two options in Viewtiful Joe 2. Doing so could take this concept even further, allowing any player to truly see themselves in an adventure where the fan becomes the hero.