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The Spooky Paranormal Easter Egg You Need To See In GTA 5

The Grand Theft Auto series has included a variety of strange Easter eggs and mysteries throughout its existence, but GTA 5 has some particularly dark details, including serial killers, cannibals, and even a con artist dog. The games even feature some supernatural events, both intended and unintended, that have baffled fans for years. One Easter egg proves more alarming than others, as it involves a murdered woman, revenge, and a ghostly presence players will need to see for themselves.


There's an entire wiki dedicated to the myths of the GTA world, which shows the dedication fans feel for the more weird and wonderful parts of the series. One myth deserves a closer inspection, though, as it spans across multiple characters, locations, and years.

Jolene Cranley-Evans appears in a ghostly form in the Mount Gordo area in Grand Theft Auto 5, but what does she want, and who is she, exactly? And most importantly, what drove her to haunt this lonely hiking trail?

Who is she?

Jolene appears over the side of a cliff, near the top of Mount Gordo. At the summit, players can find a rock with the word "Jock" printed on it in blood. Looking down the cliff rewards players with a glimpse of Jolene's ghost, but only if they arrive between 11PM and midnight. If players choose to ghost hunt from the Mount Gordo campsite, they can sometimes hear a scream as Jolene appears, signifying her horrible death.


Jolene never appeared as a living character in Grand Theft Auto, but she does have ties to a significant character: Jock Cranley. Legend has it that Jolene and Jock were going through a rocky time in their marriage when they went for a hike on the nearby trail. Jock wanted to leave the area in order to become a famous stuntman, but Jolene didn't have such big ambitions. So Jock decided kill his young wife, pushing her off of the trail and to her death.

Anyone familiar with Jock probably doesn't feel surprised by Jolene's fate. Still, that doesn't make this Easter egg any less haunting. Rest in peace, Jolene, and may you scare future players of GTA for all eternity.