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The Metal Gear Solid 3 Boss Fight That Seemed To Never End

Boss fights sit at the heart of action/adventure games and give gamers the chance to put their twitchy fingers to the ultimate test. The Metal Gear Solid series definitely has its fair share of unforgettable bosses that have pushed players to their very limit. Solid/Naked Snake has endured his fiercest clashes in order to save the free world from massive mechanical beasts, a militarized vampire, and a master gunman who uses a revolver as his weapon of choice. Snake even had to enter into a decisive battle with his mentor in a highly emotional encounter.


Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater features its fair share of amazing boss battles that stand near the top of the list for the series' best. One of those epic boss fights still garners a whole lot of attention due to how long it could play out for most players. Taking on The End meant you needed to have all the patience and finesse in the world in order to defeat him. Here's why that boss fight seemed to go on forever.

The End's boss encounter is a nail-bitingly long battle of attrition

The End was known as the legendary "Ancient Sniper" from the team of soldiers known as the Cobra Unit. In order to take him down, players had to seek him out across three areas: Sokrovenno North, South, and West. All the while, you had to carefully avoid being detected by The End while simultaneously using your sniper rifle to eliminate him. Most players were involved in this tough test of endurance and skill for two or three hours during their first playthrough.


Everyone knows by now there were a few workarounds that could be used to deliver an early death to The End. You could actually snipe him way before the boss battle during an early cutscene, utilize the classic Konami Code to reveal his location on your map screen, or save your game midway through the fight and turn your console off for a week in order to have The End die of old age.

The biggest challenge tied to The End's boss fight asked players to defeat him non-lethally. Doing so unlocked moss camo or a Mosin-Nagant rifle.