Ditto Can Now Be Caught In Pokemon Go

The shapeshifting Pokémon Ditto has been added to Pokémon Go, although players might not know they've caught it right away.

According to Polygon, Niantic has confirmed that Ditto is now available—the catch is that players might not recognize whether or not they've caught a Ditto, since the Pokémon only reveals itself after it's been caught.

The report notes that "Ditto will take on the appearance and ability of the first Pokémon it encounters and will remain as that Pokémon" when doing battle at a gym. Given that the Pokémon is famous for changing its shape, we look forward to encountering it in the wild. Because of its shapeshifting nature, players will want to catch as many Pokémon as they can in an attempt to get a Ditto. Hopefully this addition will lure more players back to Pokémon Go.