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The Untold Truth Of Voice Actress Jeanette Maus

Jeanette Maus, whose work will be featured in the upcoming Resident Evil: Village, died on Sunday, January 24, 2021, at 11:11 PM. In a tribute to the late actress on Twitter, Capcom Dev 1 revealed that she played several roles in the game, including one of the vampire lady's daughters. Maus was 39 years old.


Her friends, family, and the community are all grieving her death, sharing how inspiring she was, as well as the depth of her work. John Rosenfeld Studios posted a heartfelt message honoring its late acting coach on Instagram: "Jeanette was truly an artist, and felt truly grateful to live as an artist. She had an indomitable spirit and was hungry to be the best person, the best teacher, the best friend and the best actor she could be."

Fans of the Resident Evil series will be able to enjoy and honor her work in the upcoming release, but her career and accomplishments go well beyond her voice acting on RE: Village. This is the untold truth of Jeanette Maus.

Jeanette Maus was a mentor

As an acting coach and a teacher, Jeanette Maus was a role model and mentor for young performers. Some of her protégés included Kerri Medders (SEAL Team, Alexa & Katie, Young Sheldon), Lisette Alexis (Total Eclipse), Charlie Bushnell (Diary of a Future President), and others.


Her students shared memories of their late teacher via Instagram. Medders wrote, "words cannot describe how much I'll miss this beautiful soul who I was lucky to call my teacher, coach, mentor, partner-in-crime; favorite person." Bushnell said that Maus helped him "grow as an actor and a person, and without her [he] wouldn't be where [he is] today." Alexis described Maus as "one of a kind" and "sunshine in human form." Such sentiments reveal just how influential Maus was to those she knew and taught.

Not only did Maus shape and influence rising stars, but she volunteered for the nonprofit organization Young Storytellers. In a Facebook post, she was celebrated for how much time she spent with the group and her overall impact. It's clear from Maus' work that her love and enthusiasm for the art was such that she wanted to help aspiring actors find their voices.


Jeanette Maus was a versatile actress

Looking at her résumé, you will find that Jeanette Maus had quite a bit of variety in her body of work. Aside from her roles in film and TV, Maus was a Macy's Spokesperson from 2005-2008; starred in industrial videos for companies like Microsoft and Media Partners; and recorded voice-over work for McDonald's, T-Mobile, Starbucks, and more.


She was also involved in theater, improv, and sketch. She trained with The Groundlings and, under the teachings of Guy Stevenson, wrote the sketch "QUEEN TIBBY" and performed in "Grandma Edith" and "Montelbon's Caretaker."

Maus' writing talents did not end with sketch. She helped write the film My Effortless Brilliance (in which she also played a supporting role) and wrote/starred in the short film Secret Island Adventure: Ripple one. Those who knew her spoke of how much presence she had onstage, but from the variety of work she has done, one can see she had quite a creative mind and imagination as well.

Jeanette Maus had a YouTube character called Roxanne

When you find Jeanette Maus' YouTube channel, you'll encounter a series of videos starring a quirky character she created called Roxanne Spinkle. In this series, Maus played a funny, awkward "stay-at-home daughter" who records her videos with the help of her brother Travis. These shorts show the lighter, humorous side of Maus.


In the first episode, Roxanne tapes an audition for The Bachelor in which she shows off her many unusual qualifications. After that, Maus created a series of how-to videos featuring this offbeat character. In "How to make a homemade waffle" Roxanne goes through the steps of making a waffle from scratch, which had to be "gluten-free" after Travis ate all the flour. Following that installment, she recorded three more: "How to defend yourself," "How to relieve stress," and "HOW TO TRAIN YOUR CATS."

This series ran from 2016 to 2017 and totaled five episodes. Perhaps she lost interest, or maybe she grew too busy with work, but the Roxanne series was a fun little show that deserved a wider audience and a longer run.