Street Fighter 5 Mod Lets You Play As Sombra From Overwatch

A brand new mod for Street Fighter 5 offers players the chance to play as Overwatch's newest hacker heroine, Sombra.

GameSpot points to a mod created by YouTuber THEJAMK that re-skins the fighter Laura to look like Sombra. THEJAMK has uploaded a video featuring the mod in action, giving us a look at how Sombra would handle Laura's electrifying jiu-jitsu moves. Because the mod is only a cosmetic re-skin, don't expect a new moveset, as it only changes Laura to look like Sombra. Other Overwatch heroes have made it into Street Fighter 5 as mods before, including Tracer, Mei, and Roadhog. While we might never get a crossover between the two games—although our fingers remain crossed—we can at least enjoy projects like this and look forward to seeing what kind of gaming goodness awaits us in 2017.