13% Of People Think This Gun Is The Best Video Game Weapon Of All Time

Gamers know a thing or two about legendary weapons.

From the very inception of gaming, heroes and villains alike have been seen wielding some of the most powerful blades, axes, firearms, etc. ever created. As the hobby evolved from 2D graphics and introduced everyone to more lifelike visuals, those very same weapons appeared even more majestic. Its was quite eye opening when gamers first got to see The Legend of Zelda's Link wield the Master Sword in 3D form, to say the least.


Over time, gamers have come to debate over which video game weapon deserves to be called the very best. SVG made sure to ask those very same gamers which one of those weapons is number one in their eyes. A total of 618 responses were tallied and in the process, six iconic weapons got plenty of mentions.

One of those weapons comes from a beloved first-person shooter from Valve. And 13.11% of the total vote considered it the best video game weapon of all time.

Half-Life's Gravity Gun is considered to be one of the greatest weapons in gaming

Half-Life 2 is certainly popular, which is why its trusty Gravity Gun got a regular mention from those responding to SVG's survey.

The Gravity Gun's real name is the Zero Point Energy Field Manipulator. It's used to fire off energy blasts and also pick up items (such as saw blades) and toss them at anything in its path. Just like Gordon Freeman's crowbar, the Gravity Gun has become an iconic part of his robust arsenal.


The weapon that ended up earning the most votes on SVG's survey is Link's Master Sword from The Legend of Zelda, with 32.36% of the vote. Other candidates for the best video gaming weapon that ended up on the survey included the Mega Buster from Mega Man (14.89%), the BFG-9000 from Doom (11.81%), the Buster Sword from Final Fantasy 7 (8.09%), and the Keyblade from Kingdom Hearts (6.96%).

In the "Other" category (which earned 12.78% of the vote), fans mentioned a few additional favorites. The Spartan Laser from Halo 3, the Grand Grenade from Mega Man Legends, and even the camera from Pokémon Snap got a mention.