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Here's How Many People Think Halo Is The Most Overhyped Video Game Franchise

There are just some game franchises you're tired of hearing about, because they seem to be everywhere. Everyone's always talking about them — the different games they've produced, how fun they are, and every little detail and leak that has anything to do with past or upcoming titles. 


And sure, many of them are really amazing franchises, with stunning worlds, gorgeous graphics, and perfect gameplay. They're popular for a reason. But the gaming industry is deep and diverse, and sometimes you'd like to hear about something else for a change as you scroll through your news feed in search of new information. You're over it. 

Ever wonder which gaming franchises your peers think are the most overhyped? If so, you're in the right place. SVG has taken a poll of 618 people around the country to find out which titles people are just sick of. The list itself may be no surprise if you've been around a while, but the order might make you do a double take. 

Is Halo the most over-hyped game franchise ever?

Of the named franchises on the list, Halo actually came in last, at 8.74 percent. According to the poll, Microsoft's shooter franchise, even with Halo Infinite on the horizon, isn't close to as annoying as five other brands.


Call of Duty takes first place. Since 2003, there have been more than 45 games in the series, from main series titles to remasters and ports. With so many titles out, and some concurrently, as with Call of Duty: Warzone and Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, it seems like someone is always talking about it. And 25.89 percent of people are about ready to move on.

The Final Fantasy series came in at 19.74 percent, followed by Grand Theft Auto with 19.58 percent. The Final Fantasy series is dominant just in terms of numbers — there are almost 100 titles and spin-offs in the series, so it probably always seems like a gamer you know is playing one. Grand Theft Auto has less than 20 entries, but its various controversies and its outsized influence has helped to keep the IP in the news.


The "other" category is always fun to read through...

You can often find some interesting comments in the "Other" category, which may indicate a title that was missed or that gamers have strong opinions on a subject. This time around, the "Other" category got 6.96 percent of the vote. 


Most of the comments seem to show that people don't have much of an opinion of the topic. However, there was a strong contingent of people who felt that "all of the above" were overhyped. The only other (real) franchise that was mentioned in this category was Destiny. One fan offered up something of a mishmash title: Final Duty Thief. Alrighty, then.

Ultimately, many of these video game franchises tend to get overhyped because they have good qualities, and because fans are always finding new things within them and getting excited about the stories, the gameplay, and the characters. Because of this, they want more. One person's overrated annoyance is another's recent discovery, and the games wouldn't be so popular if they weren't worthy of discussion.