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The Day Before - What We Know So Far

Developed by Fntastic and published by MyTona, "The Day Before" is an upcoming open-world massively multiplayer survival game that's been turning heads. Some gamers are already calling it a mix of "The Last of Us" and "The Division," while others have asserted that the gameplay and visuals are too good to be true


"The Day Before" reveal came as a bit of a surprise for industry watchers, as Fntastic is best known for "Dead Dozen" (which never made it out of Steam Early Access), mobile adventure game "Radiant One," and survival game "The Wild Eight." Meanwhile, MyTona has mostly published free-to-play mobile titles. However, "The Day Before" looks impressive, and people are taking note. According to MyTona, it's "set in a deadly, post-pandemic America overrun by flesh-hungry infected and survivors killing each other for food, weapons, and cars."

Can this new IP compete with the AAA titles it's been influenced by? Only time will tell. Until then, here's what we know about "The Day Before" so far.

What is The Day Before's release date?

Fntastic announced "The Day Before" on Jan. 27, 2021, and it looks like it's fairly far along in development — which is good, because it's listed as "Coming Soon" on Steam and Fntastic has revealed a targeted 2021 release window. That's not a long time between announcement and launch, so it seems like rapid progress must be happening behind the scenes. It's likely gamers won't have to wait long to hear more about "The Day Before."


"The Day Before" will release for PC only, and you can add it to your Steam wishlist now. There's no word on whether a beta test will take place before the full launch, or if the game will make it to any other platforms. However, there is some hope on the horizon for PS5 and Xbox Series X|S players. "We will not be able to port the game to your NES, but we are considering the next-gen consoles," the Fntastic co-founders told GamingBolt. "Wait for a special announcement."

Is there a trailer for The Day Before?

The announcement trailer for "The Day Before" is meatier than most — it clocks in at just under five minutes and includes a large amount of gameplay. And it's this trailer that provided most of the initial buzz for the game. Some commenters on the YouTube video seemed skeptical about the end product's quality and scripted nature and wondered if it's too good to be true, but the trailer offered some tantalizing hints of what could be coming.


In the announcement trailer, you see one player face off with others, scavenging an office while avoiding the infected and walking through a city that's full of sophisticated lighting, weather effects, and plenty of detail. There's also some relevant humor, references to pop culture and contemporary news (that newspaper with the headlines about billionaires getting richer and the "Winter is Coming" reference is on point!), and bits of snappy dialogue.

Fntastic followed up the announcement trailer with a 22-second Teaser Trailer on February 24 to set the stage for more gameplay and feature reveals at IGN Fan Fest 2021.

What is the gameplay like in The Day Before?

The official "The Day Before" description sets the stage for what players can expect: "You wake up alone in a world you no longer remember, setting out to find answers and the resources to survive." You'll have to contend with infected and other players as you scavenge vehicles, houses, and skyscrapers.


The game is set to include "realistic" weapons and exploration of "beautiful yet dangerous places." In addition to gunplay, you'll meet up with survivors trying to restore the world's former glory. In a survivor colony, you'll be able to talk with other players and sell your loot. Your goal: to become "a legend of the new world."

In addition to the announcement trailer, Fntastic and MyTona shared a combat gameplay clip during IGN Fan Fest 2021. The video provided a taste of the detailed environments and shooting mechanics in "The Day Before," before seemingly ending with the player's untimely demise. It's unclear how Fntastic plans to handle player death and progression, or if the firefights will all be as short as the one shown.


Scavenging and crafting play major roles in The Day Before

The marketing for "The Day Before" has placed a strong emphasis on scavenging, and it seems players will have a variety of components and items to collect. According to developer interviews with Everyeye.it and VGTimes (via Google Translate), you can either sell these objects and materials or use them to craft resources like medkits. The team has also revealed the presence of leisure and luxury items, such as comics and watches, that you can pawn or keep for a bit of entertainment in your free time.


Scavenging features prominently in the April 9 Official Gameplay Trailer, with the player shown holding "F" to search various types of containers. Much like the other major selling points "The Day Before" offers, Fntastic has emphasized the realism of the scavenging and crafting systems, though many commenters on both YouTube and r/Games seem to think this claim conflicts with the footage shown so far. One of the biggest complaints centers on the player character spending several seconds to loot a single can of soda from a truck filled with unopened bottles. Others pointed out the absurdity of using an automatic weapon to spray bullets everywhere in a setting where ammo is (presumably) scarce.


The developers have made it clear that the gameplay footage revealed up to this point reflects a work in progress, so it's possible these criticisms could be addressed before the "The Day Before" actually releases.

You'll have to contend with several elements to survive The Day Before's bleak future

"The Day Before" is poised to deliver on its "MMO survival game" premise in a number of ways. As highlighted in developer interviews with Everyeye.it and VGTimes (via Google Translate), players will have to monitor three different on-screen gauges: energy, temperature, and dehydration. A number of factors will affect these gauges, including the in-game actions you perform, the food and drinks you consume, and the weather. If you're exhausted, it seems you'll take recurring damage until you eat, with the type of food you choose possibly influencing how much energy you restore.


The dynamic weather system included with "The Day Before" can decrease and increase your chances of survival. While prolonged exposure to extreme elements will likely kill you, such as getting caught in a blizzard, certain types of weather will allow you to traverse the map undetected. Wind, for example, muffles sound, making it easier to move through an area without alerting nearby enemies or players. It's currently unclear how well the wind dampens noise, however. Those looking for a strealthier approach should still probably avoid sprinting through areas or busting down doors, as these types of actions are certain to draw some unwanted attention.

Drive your way to victory (or your untimely demise)

"The Day Before" features a variety of vehicles, which players can use to explore the massive map. Like the other in-game systems, however, vehicles come with significant advantages and drawbacks. In an interview with GamingBolt, Fntastic co-founders Ed Gotovtsev and Aisen Gotovtsev revealed that players have to keep an eye on their fuel gauge when cruising around. Topping off the gas requires getting out of the car and using a canister to refill the tank. Similarly, vehicles need repairs, meaning your ride can run out of gas or breakdown at an inopportune moment. 


Beyond exploration and transportation, the brothers have repeatedly emphasized the presence of armored vehicles. These technological behemoths open up a variety of strategies depending on whether you're the one behind the wheel or squaring off against another character or player in the driver's seat. No matter the type of car you choose, off-roading presents another danger, as you can find yourself stuck in the mud — an unfortunate and rather embarrassing way to die during a zombie apocalypse.

The Day Before contains strong PvP and PvE elements -- but you can also play solo

PvP plays a large role in "The Day Before." As the devs told Everyeye.it (via Google Translate), "there will be no The Division-style Dark Zone." You can run into other players anywhere in the world, and it's up to you to decide whether to team up or duke it out. Fntastic seemed to imply that there are reasons not to treat every player you meet like a walking loot factory, though the logic behind this is somewhat unclear. 


The benefits of cooperation may be related to the mechanics of the Woodberry Survivor Colony, a place where you can accept quests and talk to other players and friendlier NPCs. Based on an interview with GamingBolt, the team is exploring a reputation system tied to the colony, which could influence how the story plays out. There's also a strong emphasis on PvE and more PvE focused locations, which could make collaborating with other players more worthwhile.

If PvP isn't your jam, Fntastic has also revealed that you can play "The Day Before" offline. While this isn't the intended style, you can choose to complete quests, explore the setting, and face the infected completely solo.