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Of Course Elon Musk Has A Cyborg Monkey That Plays Video Games

The biggest question on everyone's mind is why it took so long for Elon Musk to rig a monkey to play video games with its thoughts. Well, the wait is over, because he's finally done it. Not only that, but the world could even potentially be a better place for it.


Musk has had his eye on changing everyone's brains for quite some time, and it looks like he is getting closer to reaching his goal. According to a recent conversation he had on social media app Clubhouse, a live monkey had a chip placed in its skull so it could control video games with its mind. One of his goals with this technology is to reach a point where multiple monkeys can play something he referred to as "mind pong" together.

For anyone concerned about the animal's well being, Musk spoke highly of the primate's care and living conditions. In a moment of jest, it was even confirmed that Musk spared the monkey from playing Cyberpunk 2077.

In the interview, Musk used the term "save state" to describe the potential for preserving life beyond physical death. Such phrasing clearly comes from the mind of a gamer, and indeed he soon compared his ideas directly to video games.


It's no secret Musk enjoys a good video game. It wasn't long ago that everyone found out who he mains in Overwatch, and he even kind of agreed to a request from Mars is Flat developer Lyubomir Vladimirov to allow the inclusion of SpaceX in the game (at least for the time being).

From Musk's point of view, this isn't just a novel way to play video games, however. In an effort to keep humanity "relevant," as he said in the interview, he wants to blur the line between human and machine so that people may become an essential component of this technological revolution. He also appears to believe that integrating technology into human bodies could be a way to protect everyone from any potential dangers that may arise from advanced artificial intelligence.

It's certainly a very interesting take on the whole cyborg concept, not to mention very on-brand for a man whose own crazy real-life story has kept the internet abuzz for years. Musk is already essentially a real-life version of Bruce Wayne, but is it possible that he will lead humanity to its next form?

While it's fun to speculate about the future of the human species, Musk likely still has a ways to go before achieving his ultimate vision of cyber-humans. In the meantime, gamers could have a glimpse into the next evolution in gaming. After all, wasn't Valve just talking about using the human brain as a controller?