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The Best New Pokemon In Pokemon Sun And Moon

The release of Pokémon Sun and Moon brings with it a new adventure, new people to meet, and all-new Pokémon to discover in the Alola region. While we've been faced with fantastic creatures in previous games, Sun and Moon just might have the most impressive bestiaries to date. We're taking a look at some of the coolest new Pokémon in the Sun and Moon, ranging from their looks to their usefulness. Keep an eye out for these creatures as you trek across the islands in Alola.


At first glance, the Wishiwashi kind of looks like the lamest fish you've ever seen. Just one look at this poor creature's eyes and you'd swear it was about to weep. According to its Pokedex entry, it only weighs 0.7 lbs, making it one of the puniest Pokémon ever. But don't be fooled by its diminutive stature, because this Pokémon can send out an SOS to its buddies and use its Schooling ability to turn into an unholy Voltron made out of fish. It's even said that this form of the Wishiwashi can scare away the mighty Gyarados.


Its name is probably one of the greatest puns in the Pokémon world. Meet the Bewear, a fluffy bear-like Pokémon that kind of looks like the cross between a teddy bear and a nightmare. Called the "Strong Arm Pokémon," this guy stands at 6'11" and can crush nearly anything with its ridiculously strong arms. Trainers are told told to take care when being shown affection by this Pokémon, since one hug from it can cause massive damage. According to its 'Dex entry, Trainers need to teach it how to restrain its strength.

Zygarde (Complete)

There are many forms of Zygarde in Pokémon Sun and Moon, depending on how many of its pieces you've collected with the Zygarde Cube. Once you get 100 out of the 100 elements of Zygarde, you can create its Complete Forme, which sort of looks like a cross between a dragon, a Decepticon, and a mech suit. This thing is made up out of different Cores, all of which act as a brain, making this Pokémon one of the most unique amalgams out there. Its Pokédex entry states that it can use an exclusive move called Core Enforcer, which allows it to "erase the Abilities of any opponents that have already used a move on the same turn that it's used."


We can all appreciate the fact that Pokémon has been a marketing juggernaut for the better part of two decades. It seems as if the Mimikyu from Pokémon Sun and Moon can appreciate that as well, given that it's used the popularity of Pikachu to disguise itself and seem more appealing to others. We almost feel bad for it since it's so lonely and only wishes to befriend humans with its disguise. Unfortunately, its Pokédex entry tells us that looking upon its true form can have calamitous effects on one's health, so that's a major deal-breaker. Still, we appreciate its moxie and how it takes the initiative in trying to befriend others.


We're no strangers to Pokémon taking on different forms (we're looking at you, Eevee), but we can't help but be enchanted by the many different forms of Oricorio, otherwise known as the Dancing Pokémon. Each type of Oricorio represents a different form of a dance. There exists the Baile Style, the Pom-Pom Style, the Pa'u Style, and Sensu Style of Oricorios, all located around the four different islands of Alola. According to their 'Dex entries, Orcicorios change their styles depending on the nectar of the flowers available in their regions. While Eevee evolutions are rooted in their elemental types, we enjoy how the different types of Oricorio are reflective of cultural dances.


Why do we like Salandit? Well, not only does it look like a mischievous lizard from the underworld, but it also has a unique way of evolving into the Poison/Fire-Type Salazzle. The only way you can get a Salazzle is by catching a female form of Salandit and training it up to level 33. According to Bulbapedia, the male to female Salandit ratio is 87.5% to 12.5% respectively, so we like the challenge that this Pokémon presents. It's especially worth it to get a female Salandit and evolve it to a Salazzle because the stronger form will retain the Corrosion ability, which allows it to inflict poison on any Pokémon, regardless of whether or not they have a resistance to it.

Tapu Koko

There's a special place in our hearts for Tapu Koko, the Electric/Fairy-Type Pokémon who serves as the guardian of Melemele Island and saved our characters from meeting an untimely end in the beginning of the game. Not only is this Pokémon a friend to the people of Melemele, but it's got one of the most alluring designs we've ever seen, forming a mask/face with the shells on its arms. Even cooler is its Z-move, called "Guardian of Alola," which turns it into the head of a gigantic body. Piloting the gargantuan body, Tapu Koko then uses its fist to slam down on its opponent hard. Mighty impressive.


Behold the mighty form of the Dragon/Fighting Pokémon, Kommo-o. This beast is covered from head to tale in scales that are said to "drive away a great darkness covering the world." Its Pokédex entry makes it seem like a very honorable Pokémon as well, saying that it will let approaching creatures know of its presence by ringing the scales on its tail because it "has no desire to battle against weak Pokémon." We're always appreciative of giant metal dragons who don't want to pick on smaller creatures. We can't help but admire this majestic beast and its fantastic design.


Type: Null is a strange Pokémon that was created to undertake a special mission requiring a creature with strength that rivaled those of its mythological forebears. It was also given the Man in the Iron Mask treatment and had a helmet/mask fitted around its head. Should a Trainer become close to their Type: Null, it will break free from its bonds and become Silvally; according to the Pokédex, this chimera of a Pokémon uses an ability called the RKS System, which allows it to change its type by giving it an item to hold. Not only are we enamored with its gorgeous and unique design, but we love that kind of flexibility in battle.


And here is an Ultra Beast known as UB-03 Lighting, also called Xurkitree (we see what you did there, Nintendo). This powerful Pokémon looks like a box of Christmas lights that became sentient—it has to be one of the most abstract designs for a Pokémon we've ever seen, and we can't help but be amazed. Actually, we don't know whether to look at it in wonder or fear, because it unnervingly looks like the Demogorgon from Stranger Things fused with the Christmas lights that Joyce Byers used to contact her son Will in the Upside Down. Maybe we'll catch this thing and nickname it "Demogorgon."