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The Rarest Sega Saturn Game Isn't What You'd Expect

From the moment the console was revealed, the Sega Saturn was a failure for the beloved video game publisher, and Sega was never really the same. Even so, the console managed to generate quite a few hidden gems for its game library. In fact, there's one title in particular that many gamers may never have heard of: Shinrei Jusatsushi Tarōmaru.


Also known as Psychic Killer Taromaru in Western territories, this Sega Saturn action title is set in Feudal Japan and tasks its lead characters with defeating an army of demons. In order to do this, the two must utilize their titular psychic powers. As explained by Hardcore Gaming 101, these abilities are deployed with a unique targeting system that locks onto the closest enemy. Certain opponents can also be mind-controlled into helping you win the day.

Psychic Killer Toromaru was developed and published by Time Warner Interactive, the company behind such titles as Primal Rage and Return Fire. Unfortunately for this particular game, it was released while Time Warner Interactive was in the process of being dissolved.


What makes Psychic Killer Taromaru so rare?

As a result of Time Warner Interactive's closure, a very limited run of copies were made for the game, and it has since become known as the rarest Sega Saturn title. According to Den of Geek, this game is notoriously difficult for even the most dedicated Sega Saturn enthusiasts to get their hands on, as only around 7,500 copies of Psychic Killer Toromaru were produced. 


Because of the small production run, copies of the game can get pretty expensive. In 2008, Den of Geek noted that it was impossible for gamers to find the title for "less than a hundred pounds." Likewise, the Retronauts blog reported that copies were selling for upwards of $400 in 2012.

Basically, it's unlikely that you're going to come by a copy of Psychic Killer Toromaru without spending some serious cash. But if you're lucky enough to get it, you're in for an underplayed and unique piece of gaming history.