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These Are The Hardest Bosses In Terraria

Terraria is a game of multi-varied appeal. Everyone's doing their own thing. Some people love crafting and defending their growing township. Others love exploring with and fighting beside their friends. And still others like nothing more than spawning and hunting down the game's bosses.


There are dozens of bosses in Terraria, ranging from fairly easy to extremely difficult. Most of them are triggered by a specific in-game event, whether it's destroying their larva or just speaking to an old man at night

It's a given that, occasionally, one of your friends will spawn a boss without you even realizing they've done so. It's also a given that you, yourself, will occasionally spawn a boss without realizing what you're doing — until it's murdering you in front of all of your friends. 

To avoid such an embarrassing predicament, here's a rundown of the hardest bosses in Terraria — whether you're interested in fighting them or not.

The Moon Lord

The Moon Lord is the final boss of Terraria — and he'd certainly hold his own against some of the largest video game bosses. The Moon Lord is dangerous due to its heavy damage, fast attacks, and high health. There are nearly a dozen strategies for the Moon Lord fight, which involves attacking various parts of the beast, including its core. Some of these strategies involve taking advantage of specific glitches in the PC version of the game.


Interestingly, there's some controversy regarding whether the Moon Lord is really the hardest boss. While most people rank him high in the charts, some say he's a cake walk. In the Terraria Forums, it's pointed out that the Moon Lord (and many other bosses) can be cheesed, making them quite easy to defeat. But, of course, there are plenty of video game bosses that can be one-shotted.

Regardless, both the Moon Lord's head and hands need to be beaten before its core is available and it becomes vulnerable. It's not possible to run away from the Moon Lord, so everyone must be committed to the fight.

The Empress of Light

It's a little complicated to summon the Empress of Light, who was added in the Journey's End expansion. First, the boss called Plantera should already be defeated. Then, players should be on the surface of the Hallow between 7:30 PM and 12:00 AM. If a Prismatic Lacewing spawns, players should kill it. Only then will the Empress of Light be summoned. It should be mentioned that this could theoretically be done anywhere, but the Prismatic Lacewing will disappear right away on a surface that isn't the Hallow.


Now that she's been summoned, she must be defeated.

Post-Golem gear and buffs like Well Fed and Regeneration are extremely helpful in this fight, and late-game magic weapons are also recommended. Even then, the fight against the Empress of Light requires some serious strategy.

That includes the "cheesy" Minecart Strategy, in which minecarts are crafted around the whole world and the player rides upon them, as well as the slightly more sensible Skybridge Strategy, in which a pre-built sequence of platforms provides greater levels of mobility. Either way, prepare to keep moving throughout the fight.


To summon Skeletron, you must first go to a dungeon at night and speak with a character known as the Old Man. When talking to him, you need to select the option "curse." He will then change form and start to attack. Skeletron shouldn't be fought without good gear, many potions, or ranged weapons. It's possible the player will not have the stats to lift the curse of Skeletron, but the player will still be given the option to fight.


During the battle, the player will fight Skeletron's Head and Skeletron's Hand. It's best for the player to try to remain at a distance, whittling away at Skeletron's health with ranged weapons and their own leisure. After being defeated, Skeletron can be summoned again using the Clothier's Voodoo Doll.

Upon defeating Skeletron for the first time, players will acquire the achievement "Boned."

In the Terraria Forums, players recommend going into the fight with buffs such as Ironskin and Regeneration. They also recommend high damage weapons and a lot of mobility. Skeletron is essentially a buffed version of a Dungeon Guardian, so some similar strategies apply.