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How Ikea Is Trying To Break Into Gaming

Gamers, get ready to take a trip to your local IKEA, and not just to snag some of those delicious meatballs. IKEA is releasing a new furniture collection targeted toward gamers.

Working in collaboration with ASUS Republic of Gamers (ROG), IKEA has developed a range of gaming furniture and accessories designed to be attractive, useful, and affordable. According to a press release from IKEA, there will be a total of 30 products in the new line, to be first released in China in February 2021. The new gaming-oriented products are planned to be available in other IKEA markets as of October 2021.


Created in the IKEA Product Development Centre in China, the new IKEA collection targets the some 2.5 billion gamers who now exist globally. According to SlashGear, IKEA will be working with ROG to produce a number of gamer-focused products, including chairs, desks, cupholders, and ring lights. ROG's previous gaming chairs have received great reviews from gamers and has been featured in a number of YouTube assembly videos, but this will be ROG's first serious foray into the world of furniture.

Now, products are beginning to roll out on the Chinese IKEA site. A visit to the Chinese IKEA site reveals the new FREDDE desk, a "perfect gaming station," which features cup holders, side panels, and lighting. The new UTELSEPLARE / MATCHSPEl set is an all-in-one desk, chair, and drawer collection.


The most affordable gaming desk released in the new line up is the HUVUDSPEWLARE / ADILS, a minimalist black desk with red edges. The desk is priced at ¥219, which converts to a little over $30 — but it's unknown what the pricing models will be in the United States market. The most expensive gaming desk in the lot is the UPPSPEL, an automatic desk that can be lowered or raised for sitting or standing. It is selling for ¥3,799; a little less than $600.

Other new accessories include a screw-on mug holder, a simple attachable neck pillow, and, of course, a line of gaming mousepads. All the furniture and accessories are designed in IKEA's typical, minimalist style. Perhaps the strangest new product is an articulated wooden hand that serves as an accessories stand.

Despite its popularity with young adults, the IKEA brand hasn't always been a hit. Not only did it have trouble breaking into the American market, but IKEA's first all-in-one entertainment system was a huge flop. Whether its new gaming collection proves to be more useful once it hits the global market remains to be seen, but those who are looking for an affordable build for their gaming setup will have some new options come October.