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15% Of People Consider This To Be The Most Annoying Mario Character

The Mushroom Kingdom is full of lively residents (and villains), offering you plenty of characters to choose from as your favorite. Whether it's a hero from the main cast or even Waluigi, there's guaranteed to be a personality in the Super Mario universe that will appeal to you.


When it comes to playable characters, Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Toad are the most common adventurers found in Mario platforming games. You probably have memories of fighting with siblings and friends over who gets to play a particular character, hashing out the age-old debate over which of the characters was the best. Entire spin-offs have been created to settle the dispute. 

But what about the worst Mario character? Which was the one everyone wanted to avoid? SVG conducted a survey of 618 gamers and asked who was the most annoying Mario character. The result of this poll may surprise even the most dedicated Super Mario Bros. fans.

Living in his brother's shadow

Poor Toad. Looks like most Mario fans who were at the bottom of the pecking order likely got stuck with Mushroom Kingdom's squeakiest citizen. While such a result probably didn't throw you for much of a loop, you may be surprised to learn who came in third.


Luigi. That's right. Of all the people who took the poll, 15% claimed that Mario's brother was the most annoying character. Luigi may have done some terrible things, but does he really deserve to be the third banana in the classic lineup?

The "Mario vs. Luigi" debate has been a hot subject since the two brothers set out on their first adventure through the Mushroom Kingdom. Luigi's fate was likely sealed after Nintendo made him the second player. Luigi may have a mansion, but it looks as though he may never be able to escape his brother's shadow. If nothing else, at least gamers don't dislike him as much as Toad, who came in at 20%, or Bowser Jr., who is disliked by 19% of voters.